Saturday, January 19, 2008


Last weekend we received a call from a colleague of M's inviting us to a concert. This weekend. With John Legend. Checked the calendar, juggled a few boys and said, "Ummmm....YES!"

Getting out the door tonight was not easy. Matthew was already at Disneyland, where he performed earlier in the day. Alex had practice and then was supposed to go to a dance, but that plan was changed to an impromptu movie and dinner with some friends of ours. Brian went to a neighbors until Matthew could get home and it wasn't until we were half-way to Anaheim that we realized that the new lock was locked...and we had the only keys.

No worries...the kitchen window is broken.


So, frazzled after sitting in tons of lovely SoCal traffic, we met up with Jeff and Holly and had a great dinner at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney.

We then walk into California Adventure with our special tickets and head to the Hyperion...usually home to the Aladdin show. This theater is small...2,000 seats, so every seat is a great seat. And so we have great seats.

Craig Ferguson (from the late, late show with Craig Ferguson) comes out and while every other word rhymed with duck (this is a kid friendly blog, after all), he was awesome. F-U-N-N-Y! Love him! is where it gets even more fun. Tons of people performed, and I won't bore you with all the way blurry pictures, but we saw Gabe Dixon (LOVE his song...All Will Be it!!!), Jon Anderson of YES fame, Jamie Cullum and then....and then...and then...

Isaac Slade...from The Fray.


By this time I am looking around and cracking up. The concert is sponsored by Yamaha and the crowd was made up of older-than-me music industry people. No one moved for the 1st part of the concert. No bobbing heads. No swaying to the beat. Except for my husband...of course.


I'm having trouble sitting still in my seat and I'm thinking, quite seriously about dancing in the aisle. With my Bic flicked.

But alas, I am trying to be on my best behavior.

And then John Legend comes out. Wow...5 Grammy's and a really great suit. Oh, and he can sing, too.

So, John finishes performing and I am thinking it's over. Craig Ferguson comes out and stalls...saying there is a mystery guest.

Are you sitting down?



By now, we're standing. Music industry people are impressed by Stevie, too, and are now dancing in the aisles. FYI...the years have been good to him...he's better than ever!
It was a fun, fun night! Thanks J and guys are wonder-ful!



  1. WOW
    I can top your evening-we had a dinner at Peggy Sue's in San Jose. WOOOHOOOOOOO

  2. John Legend I though he was shot to death in New York in the early 80's? I loved the stuff he did with the Beatles, the stuff he did with Yoko wasn't all that great though.


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