Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween, 2009

Yet another fun Halloween is under our is late, but I am awaiting the official NaNoWriMo kick off in a few minutes. Plus I ate one too many Bit-O-Honey's.

Worth every single bite.


First up, taken yesterday, the principal of Brian's school. I'll spare her name for google search sake, but it takes a strong, confident woman to walk around dressed as a turkey.

She's both...and the fact that I laughed all day long after seeing this costume made it all worth it.

On to today, the actual day of Reformation/Halloween...we began our day on campus of that school that occupies much of that guy that I like so much's time. Plus my eldest son.

Resembles space mountain, eh?
The wind ensemble had a concert...the 'home from Texas' concert and it was truly beautiful. Next up? Christmas!
My boys...each and every one of them thrilled to see me with a camera.


And yes, I do think they all look alike.
Brian (on the left) and his best friend Jack.

First off...the chicken costume KILLED me. Jack kept muttering, 'eat beef' under his breath while walking. And Brian? The kid who was a cheerleader a few years back? He was a short Larry Bird. Oh my.

I asked the boys if I could take some pics...check out Jack. Until the last shot he did not move. An inch.

SOOO funny!

And yes. That is my son in the undergarment.

He was dared and that was all it took.
These boys were all in kindergarten together. Scary. We call them the tribe...

Matthew came home to trim the bushes...turns out he wanted to go to his party as a shrub.

All I keep thinking is how I prayed for personality when I was pregnant.

After trick or treating, Alex and his friends were still out, Matthew had left, and Brian and Jack were here with us watching a movie. We had a trick or treater at 9:30pm (kinda late, don't you think? But now I know why!) and a few minutes later, M went to close the kitchen window and saw this:
Yep...we were hit. Again!
But this time there was a note, which made me sorry that I had Brian clean it up last time...because it was obviously for Alex. The bra comment gave it away.

Called the boys home from the neighbors and had them clean it watched them figure out the clues and find out who did it.

I really enjoy teenagers.


When I am not praying for strength to survive it all, I love to watch the way they think and laugh and play around.
Hocus Pocus is done, boys are sleeping, clocks are changed and I am off to bed.

I love the extra hour of sleep!


Friday, October 30, 2009

This Week

Alex watered.

I ate.

(some sort of wrap from ToGo's...can't remember what but it was good!)
I bought.

(the most popular book at the book fair. we ran out and we replenished with books from Costco. not necessarily the way it is supposed to be done, but it worked!)
Alex coached.

(his brothers school team. they are having fun!)
Brian's hair.

(crazy hair day for 6th grade!)

Alex boxed.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I WON!!!!

My cousin is EXTREMELY talented and makes (and sells...check her blog here!) the most beautiful things.

And I won the mystery contest!


I chose the Santa and am so looking forward to setting him out at Christmas it time to decorate yet? I love, love, love the colors!!!

Here we are when we were younger...Cheryl (standing in the back), Timmy (cute green masculine overalls), Laura (praying for escape) and me (in the bonnet, trying my best to imitate Cindy Brady...I mean COME ON. Could my dress be ANY shorter?)

All my clothes came from Cheryl and Laura...I really think we should compare school photos next time we are together. Gotta love 70's fashion!

Thanks, Laura!


Monday, October 26, 2009

The Uni's

It's book fair week at Brian's school and in my 'can't say no' former life, I agreed to co-chair it.

And I am whining even though my girlfriend is my cochair and she has done all the work...I'm just showing up and smiling and talking and playing cohost.

It's a rough life, but somebody has to do it.

But in between being there all week, I'm also committed to that little job that is actually paying me cold, hard cash. Oh, and running a houseful of boys.

The actual house...not the blog.


So the house is dirty, the laundry is piled, and the floors are sticky...thanks to son #2 and a 2 liter of rootbeer and a little shaking action. Lord, give me strength.

But in really, really exciting news...I won something adorable and cute from my cousin, which I am going to post about tomorrow because I can't seem to get pictures uploaded and this news deserves a picture.

But stay tuned because it is SO cute!


This morning I trained the first of my last batch of new crossing guards and can now sleep at night knowing I now have lots of subs.


Part of my job involves interviewing people and figuring out whether or not they would make good guards. I meet them in a public place, though I have recently given up on the dining room of the golden arches...mainly because half of them either don't show up or ditch me (by excusing themselves to use the restroom) once I mention the words "background check", and I don't like smelling like Big Mac's for the rest of the day. And I actually like Big Macs.

So now I've moved my 'office' to the local coffee house because quirky people already hang out there, there is free WiFi and hello?'s pumpkin latte season.

Friday I set up a bunch of interviews. I got there a few minutes early, ordered a hot tea, plopped a red hat on the table and began my wait.

And what began as just another day quickly became the UNI day.

First up...unibrow man. I don't want to be rude, but I have never in my life seen a thicker, larger eyebrow (singular tense). Wow. He gave me the creeps but fell into the category of 'background check, I'm outa here".

Second up...unisex. No kidding...I interviewed Pat from SNL. There are only so many questions I could legally ask and I, for the life of me, could not figure him/her out. But I liked him/her and sent him/her on his/her way to be fingerprinted knowing that there is a box on the form that he/she will need to check regarding whether he/she is a him/her.

Third up...unibomber. It is in NO WAY fair to judge, but when he pulled up his pant leg to show me his electronic monitering device and told me he couldn't be within a certain number of yards of a school I almost laughed out loud. I started to look around thinking this has to be a test and I am either being Punk'D or that I am going to be on Candid Camera.

For reals.

Ummm...crossing guards cross school children. By then he started to get really creepy on me and weird and scary and I had a fake meeting to go to, so I thanked him and told him that I would get back to him. I then took a 28.2 mile detour home, just in case I was followed. Which I wasn't, but I wasn't entirely sure at first.

But if I was, he followed me to my neighbors house anyway. Hope they locked their doors...


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Well Rested

I slept like a rock last night (is that lady-like to say that?) and am pretty sure I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in.

I was one sleepy lady.

The best part? I woke up at 9:00am...not to a cellphone or alarm clock or cat or hungry child.

I woke up all by my self.


It's been a lazy morning and in fact, I have yet to see my one teen who still lives here full time.

The Buff's are playing (poorly, I might add. sigh.) and the coffee is hot, so we've been lounging around.

That is, until that guy that I like so much started laughing really, really, REALLY hard.

See, we have this cute little corner window in our cute little house. Just a little table that used to belong to M's grandma sits there with a funky looking birdcage on top of it.

M noticed that something inside the old birdcage...
...and it wasn't just dust. (and yes, that's alot of dust. sue me.)

How funny is that?

Pretty sure L-O-G-A-8-9-10 (that's how he spells his own name. priceless) had something to do with it. Or maybe Alex. I couldn't be sure.


On my mind is NaNoWriMo...this is the last free weekend until it starts.

NaNoWriMo...National Novel Writing Month. Basically, you try and write a 50,000 word novel in one months time.


But fun.

Should I? Shouldn't I?

This will be year 5 that I have tried and I actually came close to finishing one year, but only because I had had major surgery and was housebound.

Whatever works.


I am leaning towards a big yes...mainly because I am crazy and have no other commitments in my life right now.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Supper

Just today:

  1. trained two new guards at a corner early this morning
  2. volunteered in Brian's class
  3. came home and made supper and put it into the fridge
  4. thought about showering, but didn't because my hair dryer blew up yesterday
  5. interviewed a few rather shady characters at a (thankfully) very public coffee place...and for the record, if you are wearing an electronic monitoring device then I am pretty sure being a crossing guard is not for you
  6. lunch....pb and j on toast
  7. back to Brian's school to set up for the book fair because I obviously have all the time in the world
  8. home. popped supper in the oven. company is coming.
  9. veg on computer. should be working on payroll but talk on the phone with my boss, laughing about our week

And while waiting for the clan from the next town over to arrive for friday night fun, I sat outside with a cocktail and noticed that the vine is blooming.
The clansmen arrived, including my sister-in-law who swallowed a bowling ball.

I can't wait to meet her bowling ball in the next few months and find out if it is a he or a she.

I now have a new toy, thanks to Greg. I'm playing on her right at this very moment, too, and am in love, love, love.

Lots of people, lots of food.

Just the way life should be.
And then the entertainment started. My middle son couldn't resist the bucket of dress up costumes and put on a strong man costume.
And hammed it up.

I handled it OK until he put on the horns, grabbed a football and declared himself a viking.

Never EVER a dull moment.


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