Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love Is...

This morning I woke up to poached eggs on french bread, courtesy of that guy that I like so much.

I love poached eggs on french bread.

I also woke up to the worlds chattiest 11 year old, who is also courtesy of that guy that I like so much.

I love my 11 year old. Chatty or not.

I then proceeded to sit in my pajamas for the next, ummmm, 4 hours or so....I finished a book, answered emails, watched a Hallmark movie (Ice Dreams...kinda painful) and played some Dr Mario.

I love days like this.

But it gets even better.

That guy that I like so much ran to the store for dinner stuff, cleaned the backyard and lowered all the pictures in the hallway exactly 1 inch.

I made the list, talked to a neighbor and sat on the couch. Respectively.

That guy that I like so much then made me a cocktail and asked me to dance.

I sipped and said 'yes'.

I eventually showered and made chicken scaloppine, rice and roasted asparagus for supper, though I am currently back in my pj's, sitting on my couch and watching a movie. (Star Trek, chosen by that guy that I like so much...he's owed.)

Pretty sure this has been the best Saturday ever.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Needing Comfort

Chicken and biscuits...the ultimate comfort food.

And let me tell you, I need comfort.

I feel like I am failing miserably at my job, which is a new feeling for me. So I am frustrated, but after sitting at my kitchen counter and whining and complaining, that guy that I like so much looked at me and asked, 'so how are you going to fix it?'

And I know what I need to do...and I'm gonna do it.

So there.


For the BIG news and the real reason I need comfort...I cut my hair. Well, I didn't. Monica did. Six inches off and (GASP)...BANGS. they are long bangs. But still, they are bangs. And I haven't had bangs in a decade.

What's the world coming to?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What A View

This morning, bright and early, I was down near the beach. Early is a relative 7am I had already made breakfast for 2, lunch for 1, packed a backpack for 1, folded a load of laundry, made a pot of coffee, unloaded the dishwasher, and put on eyeliner.

The eyeliner part is a crucial step, you know. Especially after lunching with my sister in law right before Christmas. She kept looking at me and looking at me and must've uttered, ' look exhausted' about a dozen times.

I almost threw my quiche at her.

The deal was...I was actually feeling rested.

After an hour or so, she exclaimed (rather loudly, I might add) 'you aren't wearing eyeliner!!!!'

' I gave it up. I work with crossing guards now at the crack of jack and gave up on eyeliner. Also, I am old. No more eyeliner.'

' look...'

At the point that she was about to say the word EXHAUSTED (yet again) an older woman behind me turned around and said, 'honey...the eyeliner should never go. Not until the day our Lord and Savior walks the earth again.'

So there you go. Up at the crack of dawn and wearing eyeliner.


Anyhoo, early this morning I started visiting guards near the beach and worked my way home...and at the top of the hill I could see the ocean in my rear view mirror and snow capped mountains in front of me.

Man, my eyeliner and I love where we live.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can I Be A Cat?

Sometimes, I get jealous of my cats...mainly because they get to nap in the sun.

And because they do not have to deal with crossing guards gone wild. Six of my guards (out of 38) were evaluated yesterday afternoon and all six failed certification...all six. (one was talking on her cell phone, one abandoned ship 15 minutes early, yet another was so busy talking to everyone that kids were crossing themselves. SIGH.)

Not good. Not good at all.

After finding out about it this morning, I just wanted to nap in the sun without a care in the world. Who am I kidding...I might be back to napping in the sun if my ship doesn't repair it's leaks.

=0) her current favorite spot:
I picked Alex up from's finals week so he was done at 10:15am this morning, and off we went to visit the orthopedist. As long as he is taped/braced, he is good to go, so I have a very happy basketball player now.

And a very worried mom. But oh well, what's new.


We then made a little detour to Sprinkles, because it's free cupcake day. And who doesn't love a free cupcake? (Oh...and today I had orange. Probably my new favorite.)

Our sunny day has suddenly become overcast and chilly...I am heading out to work with my guards. Again. Tonight I am meeting some friends for dinner...homemade chicken pot pie for the male crew here at home.

And below is Mollie. We call her our dog...she sleeps with all four paws in the air, follows me everywhere and loves me most of all. Sigh.


Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010

Outside my window...sunshine! After a week of rain (something we're not used to!) the glorious sun is shining brightly down on us. The temps are a bit chilly...low 60's, but I'll take it. More rain in the forecast for this week, but it's OK...the rain is making everything so lush and green outside.

I am thinking...that the weekend flew right on by. Basketball, birthday parties, concerts, wine with was a just a really nice (and calm!) weekend.

I am thankful for...DVR. Sounds shallow, huh? I just love that we can tape anything and watch it later with no commercials.

From the kitchen...last night I made a great pot roast and risotto, so something MUCH lighter tonight. M has choir but because it's finals week, no basketball. I'm thinking a pot of potato soup and some homemade bread.

I am wearing...jeans, a long sleeved black t-shirt and tennis shoes. I've already been out visiting a few guards...and was home in time to usher the boys out the door for school. Time to shower and face the day.

I am creating...finished all of my orders from last week and got them shipped. I just placed a big silver order...once that comes, I'll get back to work. I'm taking a class that is challenging me creatively...and causing me many burns. Molten wax and silver are HOT.

I am going...welll, after I shower, I should run errands. But I might just hide out at home, catch up on some paperwork and work on the laundry.

I am reading...the book of Luke for bible study. Also, a stack of really old Bon Apetit's that are by my bed.

I am cross off some of the things from my 'to do' list this week. There are some time consuming things on there...renewing my passport (which expires the day before I am coming home, so it has to be done) is one of them.

I am hearing...cats meowing at the back door.

Around the house...the house is in pretty good shape, but the floors need to be swept and the boys bathroom needs it's usual clean up.

One of my favorite things...the morning sun, shining thru the windows in the front part of my house.

A few plans for the rest of the week: only 2 basketball games this week, a visit to the orthopedist for Alex, and I am on call in for jury duty. My number is pretty high, so I don't think I will have to report this time around.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...hydrangeas. In a pitcher. On the kitchen table. Sigh.

For more on The Simple Woman's Daybook, visit HERE.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tons of Mud

OK, rain. It's been fun. But now it's time for you to go away.


Brian has been loving it though, and thankfully owns an extra pair of old shoes or two, because the bestest thing in the world is playing soccer and football in the rain. Rain means mud. And what boy doesn't want the go ahead from mom to play in the muck?

And excuse the cheesy smile.

It wouldn't be so bad if he only did this once...but it seems that as soon as he comes in and gets cleaned up then someone else calls for a mud match.

My washing machine is tired. Very, very tired.
This morning, after being awake in the middle of the night, I was totally, totally dragging. The rainy weather didn't help, nor did the fact that my car's 4 wheel drive locked on yesterday and I was stressed about it.

But then I got an SOS call that a MOPs leader was ill and out I ran with my hair in a very pathetic looking barrette.

Whatever works, I tell ya.

Once there I found out that there was no copy of the devotion she was supposed to give and couldn't I just wing it?

Sigh. Not my gift. But in the end it all worked out well...and on the way home, the 4WD unlocked.

And then the rains stopped for a brief 30 minutes and the sun came out.

God is good.

Oh, and because I know that you've all been on pins and needles...Brian got a B+ on his science fair project. And then he criticized my typing.

Gotta love the baby.


Play Nice, Please


Rain is falling, hard, outside my window.

Everyone in my family is asleep and I am awake, talking to cats. And watching Real Housewives of Orange County. And sneaking a snickerdoodle. Or three.


I've spent the last hour deleting some of the nastiest comments EVER from Ms Anonymous, who seems to think that attacking my character is cool. And it's not. So there. And why stick around and read 87 posts, leaving 87 nasty comments if you don't like what you are reading...I'm thinking we both have something better to do.

Yep. We do.

Pass the snickerdoodles, please.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yesterday was the strangest weather day...sunshine to torrential rain (and yes, I mean torrential) to tornado warnings to sunshine.

I was blessed to be able to work from home yesterday and watched it all from my kitchen windows, hammering away at both jewelry and my computer.

Gotta play cafe world, you know.


I did get out today...drove to LA and met my sister in law for a fondue lunch. Fondue + sisters + rain = a very fun afternoon.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, January 18, 2010...

Outside my window...rain, rain and more rain. In fact, they are predicting up to 6 inches just this week. That's just crazy!

I am thinking...about all the weeds that will need to be plucked out of my garden after all the rainstorms move through, and wishing I had taken the time to secure down weed covers last week when I was thinking about it.

I am thankful for...the last month with all my boys home and sleeping under one roof. Matthew is moving back to the dorms today...sigh.

From the kitchen...a full turkey dinner is cooking! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce...the whole works. While cleaning out the outside freezer, I found a turkey tucked in the bottom...I bought it at Thanksgiving, but ended up buying a bigger one for the crowd I was feeding...this one is a 'tiny' 22 pounder.

I am standard uniform. Jeans and a short sleeved black t-shirt...and bare feet.

I am creating...a bunch of new pendants. I am donating one to an auction and have an order I'm working on for a wedding in February...the bridesmaids are all wearing a specially created design by the bride. So sweet!

I am going...absolutely, positively nowhere else today. I did go to the gym this morning, but other than that, we are in for the day.

I am reading...a somewhat delightful and trashy James Patterson mystery. Perfect for a rainy day.

I am hoping...that I can get my house back in order. It's just in need of good cleaning and someone, anyone, with the motivation to do it.

I am youngest whistling. He just learned how a few days ago and does it every waking moment. It was cute at first...

Around the house...the washer and dryer have been doing their thing, a fire is in the fireplace and that guy that I like so much is home, working on his laptop.

One of my favorite things...the early morning quiet before anybody else rolls out of bed. There are alotta boys per square inch in our little house and as the only girl, I treasure that time.

A few plans for the rest of the week: the farmers market for produce (if the rain lets up), coffee with a friend who I haven't seen for awhile, bringing dinner/hanging out with a friend who had emergency brain surgery last week, 3 basketball games (2 for Alex, 1 for Brian), and hopefully mopping all the floors.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Alex and his hidden stash. =0)
For more on the Simple Woman's Daybook, visit here. (And need to do this, too!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back In the Game

After Brian's basketball game this week, we took the younger two boys to The Counter for supper.

And I am in love.

In love with their mini burger/beer sampler (except for the beer on the very left...icky!) and can't wait to go back and order the very same thing. Even the icky beer on the very left, because everything else was perfect.

Except for the picture, that is. My camera is, sadly, on it's last legs.

On Friday, that guy that I like so much played hooky...except I'm not sure it's really called playing hooky after having the last month off and only going back in for one day. But that one day was long enough that convinced him to have one last I'll take it.


The weather was chilly, but we put down the top, turned on the seat warmers and drove north.
Filled up on billion dollar gas...even at my Costco it is $3.05. What's the deal now???
After 20 minutes or so we were at Belmont Shore. Sigh.
And 20 minutes after that? Feasting on a parisan crepe.


Home in time for Brian and then on to the home basketball game...the first one back for Alex. I'll be honest...I almost didn't go. He thought he'd be on the bench but ended up starting and though he came out a little tentative, he played a really good game and scored his home court 3 pointer.

And when he dove for a ball on the floor, I may or may not have yelled, 'watch the knee!'. I can't be sure.


Sadly, it was a little ugly...parents mad about Alex starting and getting so much playing time so fresh off an injury and sadly, it was just ugly.

Here's a few of my #35:

Matthew is off to the first weekend camp for drum corps, Alex is playing basketball with friends, Brian just got home from practice and that guy that I like so much is cleaning the back yard in preparation for the torrential downpours we are supposed to get...they are predicting 6 inches this week alone. Yowza...skip the backyard and build an ark!

And no, I haven't found the umbrella's yet. Better get on that one.

Chicken piccata for supper. Something gooey and chocolate-y for dessert...not sure exactly what yet, but it'll come to me.


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Alex has been cleared (somewhat hesitantly, which just THRILLS me to know end...the hesitant part, that is) to play ball.

The silver lining in all of this is the people who are working so hard behind the scenes to make sure my boy stays he now gets lots of attention from the trainer, who tapes him before every practice and every game. If you think it's unsightly...well, he wears a brace on top of all that.

Crazy. But if it keeps him whole, then tape away.
On yet another joyous note...

My husbands work had told them they were withholding a paycheck in January, though after an uproar it was changed to this August. It happened last year (not fun. not fun at all.) and so to happen yet again was disheartening. We just found out that plan has gone out the window, along with the CFO. Coincidence?

(you can bet a few bucks my husband is going to call me for writing that.)

Beef stew for dinner, with garlic smashed potatoes. And wine for celebrating. Lots and lots of celebrating.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All Caught Up

I've got one week left to spoil my oldest son before he returns to the big, harsh, cold world out there...not sure he looks at it that way, but his momma likes to think that there is no place like home.


Sunday morning that guy that I like so much played once again for church (2 weeks in a row!) and convinced not only Matthew, but another student (Natalie) to play trumpet and sing (respectively) together.

They agreed (and did a wonderful job...even while the lady who fainted was being tended to) for the price of lunch.

At Portillo's.

My three sons.

All clean and pretty smelling.
Miss Natalie, who will graduate this year and leave all of us behind. Does that never end?
I've been working lots...and cooking lots.

Things like baked eggs...
...and a freezer now full of chicken stock.
Our winter weather has been gorgeous, though the nights are cold...but now that I am holding a plane ticket in my sweaty little hand, it was time to break open the limoncello, knowing I can buy more in just a short little while.

And to the friend who lent us the heat lamps for our long ago Christmas party...yes, I am returning them to you this week.

(and thank you!)

Yesterday found me at the mall...I had to return FOUR PAIRS of basketball shoes, two to Sears and two to Sport Chalet. And hello...Sears is having a blow out sale on Levi's, so if you have sons who wear Levi's...well, they are on sale.


But then I found myself wandering, so after a quick phone call to my two trusty girls, I had a lunch date.

A lunch date that lasted 3 1/2 hours!!
At one point the ladies behind us turned around and joined right in to our conversation...too funny!

And the bread pudding at Pacific Whey is excellent...and a third of the calories as eating it alone.

The things girlfriends do for you.


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