Thursday, May 31, 2007


May I a small house and large garden have;
And a few friends, and many books, both true,
But wise
And both delightful too.

Abraham Cowley (1618-1667)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Principal For The Day

Brian won a chance to be Principal of his school...and today was the day! Miss Bower normally handles the tough job, but today there was a new sheriff in town. He got all dressed up in his very favorite pink shirt and headed off to school. He did lots of fun things...beginning with welcoming parents to a school award ceremony. He also got to go out to lunch with Miss Bower to any place he wanted and he chose...In 'n Out. After lunch, they stopped off to buy some flowers and planted them for Open House on Thursday night. The school printed out real business cards for him...soooo cute! Next week he will go on a special field trip to the district office and will get to meet the Superintendent. He gets to ask any questions he wants....the poor woman! 

His favorite part, though, was getting to walk around and visit with all of his old teachers. He even got to read to his old 2nd grade class and hand out 'kindness' tickets to people. Brian said it's pretty easy being a Principal...think Miss Bower agrees?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Isn't she an angel? 

Sophie played so hard with her cousins and finally couldn't keep up anymore. 

Aside from Matthew being away at a PC camp, we are having the BEST weekend ever. No concerts, no games, no anything. 

A weekend filled with NOTHING. 

Greg and Joanna brought the kids over on Saturday and we had a great time just hanging out. Yesterday we went to our old church and saw old friends, and then came home and did NOTHING. It was absolutely glorious. Today we walked over to my garden and spent some time watering and weeding. Michael sat at the pool with Brian, and other than picking Matthew up tonight, we are doing more of, you guessed it...nothing. Last night we played a rousing game of Sorry! and Alex and Brian have been playing Star Wars Stratego most of today.

I finally did some real cooking this unbelievably fabulous Pork Roast with a dijon, thyme, and garlic rub, and the first of the summer grilled vegetables. I also made a late night pasta with penne, chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil, pancetta and fresh mozzarella. Michael grilled a slab '0 beef over smoked apple wood chips, and somewhere along the way a fresh tomato, mozzarella, and basil salad was made...and eaten. By vultures. Oh, and the boys helped make a huge batch of pancakes on Saturday morning...half plain and the other half with chocolate chips. Guess which ones were eaten first?

At some point I need to get us ready for the coming week, but I'm just not ready...yet. 


Friday, May 25, 2007

Hello? This is God calling...

Yesterday, I walked into Panera as a successful non-profit owner, carrying 2 binders, 3 zip drives, and a pen. 

Two hours later, after signing lots of papers and shaking a few hands, I walked out alone. 

Without the pen. 

And no longer a business owner. 

In all honesty, I was more relieved than I thought I'd be and a lot more sad than I thought I'd be. As I sat in my car, I didn't quite know what to do. Cry? Laugh? Eat? I couldn't even think of whom to call...Michael was in a meeting and he was the only person I really wanted to talk to. I decided to go sit in my garden, and as I was driving there, my phone rang. It was a number I didn't recognize and while I NEVER answer my phone, I did.

Turns out it was God calling.

OK, so it wasn't really Him on the phone, but it was a woman whose daughter I had placed in camps for the last 2 summers. She called to tell me that Melissa died in January of ALL (leukemia) and that CCC had given her so much to look forward to each year and she just felt this need to call and tell me. After talking for a few minutes, I decided to tell her what had just happened...that CCC began after a decade of prayer and a giant leap of faith. That in 4 years we placed 4,300 kids in summer camps. That it got so big, so fast, and took on a life of it's own and needed to become incorporated and develop the whole board of directors thing in order to better help kids. That I had to choose between taking it there and being the Mom I felt I needed (and wanted) to be. That I labored over this decision for almost a year before doing something about it. That I had JUST signed away all the rights an hour before. That God told her I needed her to call me.

I came home and decided to pull up the website one last time...just to look. And guess what? It was gone. It had already been pulled.

God was telling me to move on and let it go. And He has given me peace. Again. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Five Things You May Not Know About Me

1) I don't like eating off of paper plates and drinking from plastic cups.

2) I love peanut butter.

3) I cannot stand to go clothes shopping. And it shows.

4) I used to live on a farm. With 20 some cats.

5) I read books cover to cover and am completely useless until I finish.

Can you tell it's a quiet day?


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And the beat goes on....

It's drum corps season! 

Matthew had his first overnight camp of the 'real'season last weekend, and will now be out of town every weekend until the middle of August. He came home really, really dirty, (no hot water all weekend) tan, and tired...but with the biggest smile on his face. He has such a good time; I just wished it was closer. With gas prices the way they are, we are expecting to spend over $1000.00 in the next 3 months on gas alone. Whew. Summer vacations are over...we are going to drive a couple of thousand miles and never go much farther than Diamond Bar. 

Is it worth it? 


Watching PC perform is so fun, and this year we will watch them perform at finals to a home crowd in Pasadena. Matthew says the music is fun and the show is coming together slowly, but that it feels 'right'. 

That says it all. 


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Books and Birthdays

It's someones birthday! 

Michael celebrated yet another one yesterday (and as soon as my 17 yr old computer whiz comes home, I'll be able to upload photos!) and he had a wonderfully relaxing day at home. (Playing Zelda on the wii, but shhhh...don't tell!)

Summer has begun. =0)

We snuck out to Disneyland on Tuesday while the boys were in school and rode Pirates and Space Mountain. We then scurried (Brian learned that word in school and it has become a new favorite, so I thought I'd throw it in...) over to California Adventure for lunch. We love to go the wine country restaurant (not sure what the actual name is) and share a Pizzeta Salad. Yum! Kind of chopped salad over warm pizza bread, it is so amazingly great.

His birthday dinner was prime rib, garlic roasted potatoes, green beans and instead of cake, a bread pudding with chunks of chocolate in it. Oh, and a 2003 Brunello that we had been saving. I am still full...

I am co-running the Book Fair at BooBear's school this week, so I am basically living there. We had a family event last night and again this morning during the pancake breakfast. So many books, so little time! How many books can one family own? We are being somewhat good this time, though I think Brian has about 10 in his 'want' pile. As for me, I had to pick up a few,'s a fundraiser after all! And yes, I do realize I have a sick, sick problem and don't know when to quit. 

Could be worse, I suppose...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Out with the old...

Well, this is it. 

My old blog became possessed (with lots and lots of nasty comments, sigh) and wasn't allowing me to make changes/updates, so I sadly pulled the plug, and am trying a new server. I have managed to save all 3 years of it, though I am not sure where it is hidden on the computer. 

I'll wait for Michael to figure it out, but he has assured me that all our travel journals and pictures are tucked away safely. 

So, out with the old; in with the new! For those that are just discovering us, this blog is meant to keep friends and family up to date with all these boys and with our crazy, happy, cluttered life. 


And so we begin again...
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