Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Weekend

Dear Oldest Son of Mine,

Don't worry. Be happy. That is all.

Love, Mom.

It's March Madness, which means college basketball is on LOTS, and also means that there are many frustrated people around these here parts.

I made the mistake of trying to add my opinion about all of it and received the dreaded stare down by three males in my house. So I cleaned the shed instead, only I don't have an after picture because my camera battery is dead and I am too tuckered out to go switch it out.

But let's just say that all the paint is now at peace because it is all sitting together, as are the tools and and gardening things and household stuff and boogie boards.

That guy that I like so much made breakfast AND lunch yesterday, so we feasted on poached eggs for breakfast and delicious crostini for lunch.

And then we napped.

This morning the younger boys and I drove to Riverside, about 45 minutes away, to hear their oldest brother sing with his choir.

We waved extra long palms in church and Brian feasted on the choir's continental breakfast, saving the ladies who were cleaning up the need for packaging up any leftover food.

And no, we don't feed him at home. It's a recession after all, and so we cut the youngest boy out of the food budget.


We then stole the oldest son and his dad (who happens to be my husband, in case you were confused) and drove to D'Elia's for grinders. Crunchy bread, drippy fillings, grumpy children.

It was blissful.

No one spoke (except me and that guy that I like so much because...well, we like each other after all) and all they did was eat, mumble an occasional response and stare off into the distance. See the top picture for an example.
Next time I'm, leaving them in the car. It'll be cheaper.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let's Play Catch-Up

What's been going on:

  • I did a giveaway on a popular blog (and fun read...check out The Girl Creative!) which caused orders to pour in. 61 orders, to be exact...all of which are now shipped. Fun! And thank you, US Postal Service, for offering free pick up at my door.

  • The flu has left me...thankfully. Forever, I hope. Tamiflu rocks. And no, I did not get a flu shot because I am one of the freaks that gets ill from the vaccine, though this strain (I was told) is hitting people who have did have the shot.

  • I am in the middle of crossing guard evaluations and am developing a thicker skin.

  • My passport arrived. Not that I was worried. Ok, maybe a little. I always seem to cut things close. Oh, and we got our airline tickets...let's just pray that 2 hours is enough time to land at Gatwick, transfer to Heathrow, and make our flight home. I am thinking positive, but it is gonna be tight.

  • I may have nothing to worry about. British Airways is threatening to strike.

  • I made a green veggie hummus. It was nasty, but looked pretty in the bowl:
  • Alex keeps getting bloody noses and it has me worried. Just sharing.

  • Speaking of Alex, my rather tall son has a 3.4 GPA. THREE POINT FOUR!!! Basketball, PE and Study Hall help a little, but the motivation of driving a totally cool pick-up has helped more.

  • Brian not only made the city honor orchestra, but he was accepted into Pacific Symphony's summer camp. They only take 150 kids and they spend a week sleeping in dorms and studying with big wigs.

  • In 10 years, all my children will be thru with college. Random, but an important thing to know for sanity purposes.

  • Matthew came to visit. Drum corps tour is just a few short months away and he mentioned that last summer he came home with pierced ears and this summer might be something a different. Lord, help me.

  • I miss that guy that I like so much. He is working a TON. I sent him a text message yesterday and all it said was our address. Just in case he forgot where he lives.

  • We have been eating incredibly strange throw together meals lately and I cannot seem to remember when the last time we all sat down, at the same time, to supper together. I don't like that, but it will get better.

  • This Lent season has been incredibly spiritually moving for me. More so than ever before and I am so thankful for some things that God is helping me to see. Daily, gentle reminders of grace.

  • I am still waiting for LG to get back to me on my dryer. The dryer I paid a million dollars for less than 3 years ago. I am still hopeful that they will do the right thing.

  • Our fig tree is blooming. I have to admit, it was worrisome. It spent the winter looking like a tall stick in the mud...for reals.

  • My garden is in. 19 tomato plants, 2 zukes, 4 cukes, 8 peppers, and an eggplant. The rest will go in after Easter...carrots, melon, radishes and onions. The best part is that I installed a 'wife', otherwise know as a self watering system.

  • Spring Break is a mere week away. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

  • I have had horrible insomnia lately. Anyone want to play Dr Mario at 2am, pacific time?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Feeling Better.

Following a week of being homebound, aside from brief stints at work, I was feeling....well, homebound.

And in need of some time out.

First things first. Breakfast. Specifically, a spinach and egg bagel from The Coffee Spot.

A trip to TJ's was next up and it just might've been in a car with the top down on this warm and sunny day, though our thoughts did go out to our Colorado friends who were in the midst of a snowstorm.

While that guy that I like so much unpacked the goods, I walked up and watched Brian run in his final elementary school jog-a-thon. It was his 6th and my 14th.



That's mine in the red shorts, laying in the front. He's a hoot, I tell ya.
After, I needed nourishment. Quick. So off we drove, once again with the top down, toward the ocean to Zov's for a greek-fest.

Some hummus. Some stuffed grape leaves. Some babba ganoush.

Some happy, happy people.
Home in time for boys. Supper? Chicken, roasted with lemon and kosher salt and the most amazing pesto lasagne ever. Ever.

It wasn't until later that I discovered that I had a little sunburn...and a lovely white spot where my necklace was.

Excuse the wrinkles, please.

Tomorrow is all about the garden.


It's Friday!

I'm doing a little giveaway on a super fun blog...head on over and check it out!

(and enter, too!)


The Girl Creative

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sick and Tired

And tired and sick.

Totally not how I wanted to spend the first 80 degree sunshine-y days that us SoCal'ers are experiencing after the long, cold, wet winter.

Yes, I have become a weather wimp.


Each day I am feeling a bit I even took a shower.

And then napped for 2 hours.

Oh...and made supper. Scrambled eggs and bacon, which not one of my houseful ever complains about eating.

So please excuse me...I now need another nap.


Monday, March 15, 2010

It Caught Me

Sunday we drove to Portillo's after church and once there, I realized I just couldn't eat one more heavy meal.


Couldn't do it.

So while the fam feasted on Italian beef, some with sweet peppers and some with hot and some with none at all...I had a calorie laden garbage salad.

The name is disturbing...and so is the fact that I wished it had had garbanzo beans in it.

And I don't like garbanzo beans unless they are turned into hummus, which is one of those foods I could happily live on.

But other than the missing garbanzo's, it was fabulous.

The afternoon brought my niece Maddie's 7th birthday party. The family gathered for a pizza celebration...and Uncle M stole the best seat in the house, surrounded by his favorite short people.
It's the Monday after the time change, and the boys in our little house struggled to get out of bed this morning.

As for me, I ran and ran and no avail.

The crud has caught up with me (thanks for sharing, loves!) so I am home on the couch with DayQuil. I must say, I feel absolutely lousy. Really, really lousy. I did run out for the essentials...milk and juice and cereal, but other than that I am going no where.

The following movies are in the DVD player...Julie and Julia, Sleepless in Seattle, Sabrina and 2 walking DVD's that I'll skip right over today. I've got my tissues and my tea and my remote...just wishing I could get an order of hummus delivered.

And who craves hummus when they have the flu?

What a weirdo.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Be Happy

I always find it interesting when people start talking about the area of the country where that guy that I like so much and I live.

I mean, if you don't like it...why live here? And how much negative energy can you spew?

As for me, I am one of those who never, ever would have chosen to live here. In fact, when we found out we were moving and after jumping up and down and being thrilled, I cried.

Southern California.


But if you flip your thinking a bit and realize that this is where we've been planted by God...well, it becomes a pretty gosh darn incredible place to call home.

Yep, the real estate prices are crazy. Earthquakes, even though we've only experienced 2 in the 14 years we've been here, are always a thought. Santa Ana winds and wildfires? Yearly happenings.

But if you let yourself truly believe that this is where God has called you to be...well, you just might start seeing the good.

I know I have.


Not the best picture, but the hills are gloriously green around here...all that rain was so worth it!

(and Karen? God is going to plant you somewhere incredible. Really!)


Last night was a concert up the hill at the university...and let me just say again, I love my husbands job. And his students. A lot.

I then stayed up way too late and woke up way too early.

Oh well.

It's a long awaited pancake morning in our little house on our little other words, basketball season has ended and the youngest shrub's wish has come true.

Chocolate chip pancakes and cartoons and no reason to get dressed.



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday AM

  • 6:15am. Alarm goes off. Groan, but get up. Bible study, make lunches, make breakfast, feed cats, unload dishwasher and fill a travel mug with coffee.
  • 7:00am. Dash (dash being a figurative word here) to my car. Input some pre-planned intersection into GPS and start driving.
  • 7:05am. Reach for coffee, but realize my arm is not long enough to reach the kitchen counter where it is sitting. Hope that guy that I like so much at least drinks it, though he HATES the fancy schmancy vanilla creamer I use.
  • 7:20am. Rejoice in company policy that I am paid for every mile I drive. Park my car, don black work jacket, evaluate crossing guard.
  • 8:15am. Back in car. Repeat GPS maneuver. Drive to yet another crossing guard.
  • 8:30am. Back in car again. Drive home. Walk around lake with girlfriend and lukewarm coffee. Snap above picture.
  • 9:45am. Home. Pull frozen meatloaf out of freezer. Answer emails.
  • 10:15am. Eat some chili cheese flavored fritos while catching up on Real Housewives of OC, thankful that cameras aren't watching me eating fritos because I don't want anyone to know about it.

Such is my life on this Thursday morning. Exciting, huh? Come on, spill. I can't be the only one who eats fritos for breakfast...or am I?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This afternoon on my walk around the lake with the neighborhood girlies, it suddenly came to me.

I need to buy a canoe.

I mean, we can rent them at the lake, but only during the daytimes. And I'm thinking an evening canoe-a-thon sounds lovely.

Now to convince that guy that I like so much.


Last night we watched The Bachelor Gets Married on TV. On purpose. It didn't disappoint...with all the millions of dollars that were spent on that wedding, they got married IN THE POURING RAIN with no back up plan and no umbrellas for the bride and groom.

It was quite humorous to watch. Imagine gobs of hairspray meets excessive precipitation. Just use your imagination.


Supper tonight in our little house is pasta...what's for dinner in yours?

Monday, March 8, 2010


It's grey and cloudy and drizzly outside.

I wouldn't mind, but I am so ready for spring.

And for a clean patio. With flowers blooming. Lots of twinkly lights and candles. And people over drinking wine until the wee hours.

Jewelry orders to fill today...and a few new ideas for designs, so I'll try them out, as usual, using copper. Cheaper, even though I watch the silver market like a hawk and order when it hits that financial sweet spot.

It's been an incredible 5 days or so with that guy that I like so much...he came home from his trip and ditched a conference to catch his breath and just be home. No work emails. No work phone calls. Nothing but home sweet home.

But this morning he went back and I went to work and now I miss him.

Though tonight we have a wedding to attend. Bachelor weirdo creepy Jason is getting married on TV, so the TiVo is set to record and we're going to pretend we are there...because I am a weirdo, too.

But first I have to do some laundry because wish as I might, no one showed up to do it for me. And clean the boys bathroom, though as they get older it is easier because I can threaten cell phone cut off if they don't pick up their wet towels. Possibly a little sweep action of the floors, too. I might sneak in a little Dr Mario game or two while the house is quiet, even though I should be at the gym.

It's one will ever know.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Garden Time

What could be better?

Blue skies. Sunshine. A guy that I like so much, home from a long trip. The annual tomato sale.

(and sheep. gotta love sheep.)
Walked away with 21 tomato plants, including the once again, doomed to fail San Marzano's. Eight of them, in fact.

If at first (second, third, fourth) you don't succeed, try, try again!

Today is one of those glorious Saturdays with nothing planned, aside from a huge pot of chicken marsala that I'll make later. Lots going on, though...hammering some jewelry, watching Real Housewives of Orange County and searching online for the perfect sugar scrub. (I love this, but it's a tad pricey for the amount I use...the whipped honey scent is GLORIOUS, so I always cave and buy it!)

Boys are everywhere today. That guy that I like so much is having lunch with a friend, Matthew and his pink eyes are staying on campus for spring break, Alex had a friend spend the night and they are now off having lunch and the youngest shrub is out playing basketball.

So it's just me and the cats, home alone.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally, Sleep

That guy that I like so much suddenly appeared sometime late last night...all I know is that I went to sleep alone and woke up with someone on the other side of my bed.

I was so exhausted after three nights of no night was because I had a late night cappucino, which is not cool once you are over the age of whatever age I am over, another night because I got caught up in a movie until, like, 2am, and another night because the boogie man was present.

Oh come on. I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who gets visited by the boogie man when her husband is out of town.

Anyway, Michael came home in time to deal with the big things that always come up when he steps foot outside of our little town. This time around...the pretty new million dollar dryer with the crack on the inside.

It went from a $500 repair (yeah, right) to there being a possibility of it being replaced (the whole dryer) for free.

Pray for free, please.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go Away Grumps

My girlfriend called me last night (during a commercial of The Bachelor) and said, 'What's up with the Moody Blues?'

My reply, 'I dunno. Nights in White Satin?'

And then I laughed at my own joke, because that's what I do.


(I loooooove the Moody Blue's. Yet another concert that I went to with my Aunt Judy in high school, when I was supposed to be sleeping at my friend Dawn's house. I remember this concert well because I still have a scar on my thumb from the burn I got waiving a bic lighter.)

So, back to the moody blue question.

I was at home watching The Bachelor alone, with a husband who was out of town. My girlfriend was at home watching The Bachelor, with a husband out of town, though she was also multi tasking and reading my blog.

And I guess I've been a little grumpy lately. Sorry.

It's been a combo of letting work get to me and a Lenten commitment I made...which I am struggling with. But that's the point, I suppose, and I am praying. Lots.

Work is better. Or at least I am trying better to not let it get to me.

In boy news, Alex brought home a book.

Pretty exciting!

I wasn't so sure that he even had any school books, so there was much rejoicing in all the land.

(he laughed, too, by the way.)


That guy that I like so much comes home tomorrow night. Whew. I'm hoping he can find the bird that the cat brought in yesterday. It's somewhere, just playing hide and seek and waiting for an adult male to find it. The younger boys and I have searched (even calling olly olly oxen free...loudly!) but it has yet to be found.

Plus, I am ready to cook. Let's see (and please don't judge even though you'll want to), we have eaten at Maggiano's, Taleo, Taco Rosa, had shamrock shakes at McD's, Costco pizza and Taco Bell. Heavy on Mexican and big on $$$. Pretty sure we will not be eating out any more this month. Or maybe next, too. I've got a few new recipes I want to for a pesto lasagne and another for a pasta with broccolini and asparagus. Guess my body is craving green. And unprocessed.

Tonight I am making pasta with pancetta and asparagus, which the boys love...artichokes on the side. No driving tonight, so once Alex is home we are in for the night. I have grand plans to finish filing a huge stack of papers and sleep. Sleep would be nice.

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