Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally, Sleep

That guy that I like so much suddenly appeared sometime late last night...all I know is that I went to sleep alone and woke up with someone on the other side of my bed.

I was so exhausted after three nights of no night was because I had a late night cappucino, which is not cool once you are over the age of whatever age I am over, another night because I got caught up in a movie until, like, 2am, and another night because the boogie man was present.

Oh come on. I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who gets visited by the boogie man when her husband is out of town.

Anyway, Michael came home in time to deal with the big things that always come up when he steps foot outside of our little town. This time around...the pretty new million dollar dryer with the crack on the inside.

It went from a $500 repair (yeah, right) to there being a possibility of it being replaced (the whole dryer) for free.

Pray for free, please.



  1. Pretty cool about the going to bed alone and then magic happening during the night! You will be so glad to get some good sleep again. Three nights is too long.
    What 'hit' with the dryer....I am praying for the free replacement of the whole dryer. Keep us posted.
    The lasagna picture, which was VERY artistic, made me salivate.

  2. Did you put rocks in the dryer? Or maybe you were tumbling your jewelry? :-) I'm sure you could buy a cheap dryer for under $500, so I wouldn't even think about paying for expensive repairs.


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