Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This afternoon on my walk around the lake with the neighborhood girlies, it suddenly came to me.

I need to buy a canoe.

I mean, we can rent them at the lake, but only during the daytimes. And I'm thinking an evening canoe-a-thon sounds lovely.

Now to convince that guy that I like so much.


Last night we watched The Bachelor Gets Married on TV. On purpose. It didn't disappoint...with all the millions of dollars that were spent on that wedding, they got married IN THE POURING RAIN with no back up plan and no umbrellas for the bride and groom.

It was quite humorous to watch. Imagine gobs of hairspray meets excessive precipitation. Just use your imagination.


Supper tonight in our little house is pasta...what's for dinner in yours?


  1. And that's why people should get married in a church! I don't even like planning outdoor field trips, although I am taking my class to the zoo in May. I would never want the stress of an outdoor wedding! Just take me to the chapel so I can get married : )

  2. So you are saying you are planning on getting married again? Do we need to talk?

  3. OK...you two kill me!!! Your wedding was GORGEOUS! =0)

  4. Dinner...hmm, I tried this fabulous paste recipe. :) God bless the recipe giver and text messaging pictures. :D

  5. A canoe would be very cool for you! And the evening canoe idea is the best. Beautiful. And like other parts of the country, you would be able to use it year-round. Quite the practical investment.
    I have to say, I have still never seen any 'reality' show. I think I had to watch an episode of something once, but that is it for me. Probably one of the of the few people in America who doesn't watch any of them.
    I have become hooked on this Australian TV series "McLoed's Daughters" and that is my current weakness.
    I talked to that guy you like so much today.....see you in April when I come over to visit!!!


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