Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Weekend

Dear Oldest Son of Mine,

Don't worry. Be happy. That is all.

Love, Mom.

It's March Madness, which means college basketball is on LOTS, and also means that there are many frustrated people around these here parts.

I made the mistake of trying to add my opinion about all of it and received the dreaded stare down by three males in my house. So I cleaned the shed instead, only I don't have an after picture because my camera battery is dead and I am too tuckered out to go switch it out.

But let's just say that all the paint is now at peace because it is all sitting together, as are the tools and and gardening things and household stuff and boogie boards.

That guy that I like so much made breakfast AND lunch yesterday, so we feasted on poached eggs for breakfast and delicious crostini for lunch.

And then we napped.

This morning the younger boys and I drove to Riverside, about 45 minutes away, to hear their oldest brother sing with his choir.

We waved extra long palms in church and Brian feasted on the choir's continental breakfast, saving the ladies who were cleaning up the need for packaging up any leftover food.

And no, we don't feed him at home. It's a recession after all, and so we cut the youngest boy out of the food budget.


We then stole the oldest son and his dad (who happens to be my husband, in case you were confused) and drove to D'Elia's for grinders. Crunchy bread, drippy fillings, grumpy children.

It was blissful.

No one spoke (except me and that guy that I like so much because...well, we like each other after all) and all they did was eat, mumble an occasional response and stare off into the distance. See the top picture for an example.
Next time I'm, leaving them in the car. It'll be cheaper.


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  1. Now that you're done with the shed, want to come finish cleaning out James' room and closet? We could get before and after photos, and I could get some practice rearranging them on my new computer.


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