Thursday, May 17, 2007

Books and Birthdays

It's someones birthday! 

Michael celebrated yet another one yesterday (and as soon as my 17 yr old computer whiz comes home, I'll be able to upload photos!) and he had a wonderfully relaxing day at home. (Playing Zelda on the wii, but shhhh...don't tell!)

Summer has begun. =0)

We snuck out to Disneyland on Tuesday while the boys were in school and rode Pirates and Space Mountain. We then scurried (Brian learned that word in school and it has become a new favorite, so I thought I'd throw it in...) over to California Adventure for lunch. We love to go the wine country restaurant (not sure what the actual name is) and share a Pizzeta Salad. Yum! Kind of chopped salad over warm pizza bread, it is so amazingly great.

His birthday dinner was prime rib, garlic roasted potatoes, green beans and instead of cake, a bread pudding with chunks of chocolate in it. Oh, and a 2003 Brunello that we had been saving. I am still full...

I am co-running the Book Fair at BooBear's school this week, so I am basically living there. We had a family event last night and again this morning during the pancake breakfast. So many books, so little time! How many books can one family own? We are being somewhat good this time, though I think Brian has about 10 in his 'want' pile. As for me, I had to pick up a few,'s a fundraiser after all! And yes, I do realize I have a sick, sick problem and don't know when to quit. 

Could be worse, I suppose...

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