Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween, 2009

Yet another fun Halloween is under our is late, but I am awaiting the official NaNoWriMo kick off in a few minutes. Plus I ate one too many Bit-O-Honey's.

Worth every single bite.


First up, taken yesterday, the principal of Brian's school. I'll spare her name for google search sake, but it takes a strong, confident woman to walk around dressed as a turkey.

She's both...and the fact that I laughed all day long after seeing this costume made it all worth it.

On to today, the actual day of Reformation/Halloween...we began our day on campus of that school that occupies much of that guy that I like so much's time. Plus my eldest son.

Resembles space mountain, eh?
The wind ensemble had a concert...the 'home from Texas' concert and it was truly beautiful. Next up? Christmas!
My boys...each and every one of them thrilled to see me with a camera.


And yes, I do think they all look alike.
Brian (on the left) and his best friend Jack.

First off...the chicken costume KILLED me. Jack kept muttering, 'eat beef' under his breath while walking. And Brian? The kid who was a cheerleader a few years back? He was a short Larry Bird. Oh my.

I asked the boys if I could take some pics...check out Jack. Until the last shot he did not move. An inch.

SOOO funny!

And yes. That is my son in the undergarment.

He was dared and that was all it took.
These boys were all in kindergarten together. Scary. We call them the tribe...

Matthew came home to trim the bushes...turns out he wanted to go to his party as a shrub.

All I keep thinking is how I prayed for personality when I was pregnant.

After trick or treating, Alex and his friends were still out, Matthew had left, and Brian and Jack were here with us watching a movie. We had a trick or treater at 9:30pm (kinda late, don't you think? But now I know why!) and a few minutes later, M went to close the kitchen window and saw this:
Yep...we were hit. Again!
But this time there was a note, which made me sorry that I had Brian clean it up last time...because it was obviously for Alex. The bra comment gave it away.

Called the boys home from the neighbors and had them clean it watched them figure out the clues and find out who did it.

I really enjoy teenagers.


When I am not praying for strength to survive it all, I love to watch the way they think and laugh and play around.
Hocus Pocus is done, boys are sleeping, clocks are changed and I am off to bed.

I love the extra hour of sleep!


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