Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Tad Bit Grumpy.

My husbands closet.

Why, you might ask?

Well...I just so happened to have my camera in hand when I rounded the corner and saw that it was left open.

So I took a picture, because that is what I do. I take pictures of strange things all day long.

(and honey? you need some new jeans...)

Last night was not a good sleep night. Brian woke up at midnight with a 103 temp, so I gave him some tylenol and tucked him back in.

And then I worried.

Swine flu? Is it too late (or early?) to call Holly and ask her if she thinks he has swine flu? And while I am normally not a huge worrier about a fever, now I am wondering...is it swine flu?

You get the point.

Then, since swine flu wasn't occupying enough of my worries...I began to think about a big test that I have to take on Friday. Do I really know all the ins and outs of permanent change forms and work summary sheets and field training cards and matrixes and site evaluations?

DO I????

And THEN, as if I wasn't torturing myself enough (while listening to that guy that I like so much breathing softly next to me), I started thinking about all the people who quite recently have insulted my home...as in, don't you want to move so you can have a 'real' house?







So I got out of bed and read Psalm 61. I swept the kitchen in my non-real house. I ate (gasp) a corn dog. With mustard.

I then went back to bed with heartburn.



This morning came bright and early. Brian woke up feeling fine, but he is staying home with me for the day.

We're currently watching The Mummy and doing laundry together.



Oh...and I made some of this. Salty peanuts mixed with candy corn.

If you've never tried it...DON'T. You'll never forgive me.

It's a bright, sunny, slightly cool (low 70's) autumn day. Our little not-real house (my husband just told me over the phone that enough was enough...let it go. oh, the joys of being a man!) is all decorated.
So is the back fence...that palm tree has got to go.

I am going to catch a little snooze with my baby and then make beef stroganoff for supper, cuz that guy that I like so much loves beef stroganoff.

After all, I am going to make him sit through The Biggest Loser with me tonight.



  1. House looks adorable. Very, very real indeed....ours has scary sensor activated skeletons and tombstones. Ick. Thanks, Ryan.
    It is never too early to call me about swine flu. And lastly, Jane is smiling down on your peanut/candy corn bowl.

  2. I always think of you whenever I see grumpy old men helping attitude challenged children cross the street.

  3. What a cute "unreal" house. I suppose a "real" house would be big, more expensive, more real estate taxes, more space to clean, more bathrooms to clean, more things that need fixing, would cost more for electricity, would cost more for natural gas (do you even need it in CA?), more yard to mow, more yard to plant and take care of, more walls to paint, and more places for the kids (or grown ups) to leave messy!


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