Monday, October 12, 2009

The Story Of One Fig

There once was a King who loved his Queen so much that he bought her a tree.

A magical tree that grew figs.

The King watered the tree while the Queen waited as patiently as she might for the figs to ripen.

One morning, the very first fig was ready.

And the Queen picked it.

She gently laid the fig upon a plate and together she and the King gazed lovingly down upon it.
Inside the warmth of their castle, the King quickly prepared a celebration while the Queen gently washed off the beautiful fig.
And with shaky, nervous hands, she cut it.
In two small bites it was gone and the King and Queen wept for joy at the fact that not only was it the very best fig they had ever tasted, but that there were more growing on their new little tree.
To be continued....when the next fig ripens.



  1. you are strange =)

  2. So, you are the queen? Holly has now realized the truth about you.

  3. Our conversation at dinner:
    Andrew said, " it's amazing that Michele's kids haven't ended up in a psychiatric hospital." (this fig story really is disturbing!)Russ said, "The whole state of California is a psychiatric hospital."

  4. And the queen and the king lived happily ever after : )

  5. You really need more to do with your life!


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