Friday, October 2, 2009

Field Trip

I tried to take a picture of the fire we had in our fireplace the other night.

A) I forgot to turn off the flash
B) the spots on my lens.
I did solve the flash problem.

The spots?

They're not going anywhere.
Thursday morning over an extremely early morning cup of coffee, I mentioned to that guy that I like so much that I was thinking of heading to the happiest place on earth for a few hours. Just because.

And he immediately jumped on board.

So I worked for a few hours and he worked for a few hours and then he swung home on this delightfully sunny Fall day and picked me up.
I love Disneyland during the off season. Still people there, but they're mainly people like us...locals with annual passes who want to hang out for a few hours.
But the main reason why we were of my very favorite salads (it's right up there with Cheesecake Factory's french country salad) in the whole wide world.

Or something like that.

It's HUGE, but the combo of warm bread and cold salad brings out every ounce of happiness and joy in my body.
And this, my peeps, is the bathroom floor.


Minus my toes which YES are STILL in possession of my Palm Springs pepto bismol pink pedicure.

What can I say...I have a job now and NO time. Plus I wear tennies.

I then had to take a few work calls...emergencies that came up but were easy enough to take care of, and while I was talking, that guy that I like so much decided to do a port and bleu tasting.

I now like him more than ever, though I can't stand port...but I do love me some stinky cheese.

Took a little walk after...lots and lots of construction.
And I must've taken this on accident...because when I downloaded pictures, there it was.

Too funny. rides, unless you count the two food rides and the bathroom.

Time to head home for the youngest shrub!
The Buff's were playing last night, so while various ages of boys in my house yelled and screamed and I think I even saw a tear or two...I cooked.

Chicken piccata.
Washed down with a little bubbly.
All gone!


  1. Rachel wants to know what "tennies" are. I had to explain it was tennis shoes. The correct word is gym shoes - at least here in Chicago where there will be no Olympics in 2016. Are you feeling OK since you don't wear flip flops?????

  2. what... no malted milk balls today??

  3. When was the last time you wore real shoes?

    When you said the happiest place on earth I immediately though of a tour through Scott Land visiting breweries of Scotch.

    That or the Guinness brewery in Dublin!


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