Monday, October 19, 2009

Relaxing Monday

The biggest seller this month...and my new favorite.


My mornings start early and involve me staring into my GPS with one eye and looking for yellow vested crossing guards with the other.
Oh...and I actually take a coffee cup with me in the early morns filled with (wait for it...) COFFEE.

I'm usually a social coffee drinker and aside from LOVING (way to much) an afternoon espresso doppio, I am usually a tea drinker.

But now I am both.

And I have successfully found a travel cup that doesn't tip over every time I turn, brake, accelerate or simply look at it.
This morning I found myself visiting a guard near the beach and just had to do a quick toe touch in the sand.

And then I looked up...the joys of looking up.

It's been a rather relaxing day...the younger boys were off from school and I managed to answer 90% of my emails. I hammered some jewelry, cleaned out the fridge, had tea with a girlfriend who stopped by for a visit, found out that my husband IS going to be paid in January (but not in August...lovely) so I can stop stressing until then, and reheated leftover beef stew for supper.

And now I am contemplating what kind of cookies to make from the butter that is sitting on the kitchen counter.

So stressful.


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  1. Relaxing sounds good! I'm vegging out in front of Dancing With The Stars (go Donny!) since I'm worn out from an all-day field trip to a farm orchard and I'm fighting a cold (those germy kindergarteners!). So I skipped my workout and I'm sitting here with my laptop and a cup of nice warm whole-leaf summer breeze tea from my local tea shop. Then it's off to bed...


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