Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cupcakes and Hay

Friday...after working a corner (I should really stop saying that, but I love the way it sounds!) and volunteering in Brian's class, I came home to something strange.

A clean AND quiet house.

I ran out to get some groceries and found myself very close to SusieCakes in Newport Beach.

And then I found myself very close to needing a cupcake from SusieCakes to take home to my very clean AND quiet house.


The shop is cute, but I was helped by an extremely grumpy worker.


I mean, how can you be grouchy when you are surrounded by cupcakes? And whoopie pies?

And how can you be grumpy at a customer who is spending $5 for a whoopie pie and $3 for a cupcake?

(yes, it's a splurge and NOT something I do often!)

Came home to the STILL quiet AND clean house and had myself some lunch.

An iced tea, a peanut butter cupcake and a People magazine.

The lunch of champions.

After Brian got home from school, we headed to the pumpkin patch for a visit....though visits with a now 11 year old are different than visits with little ones.

But it was very fun and I needed his muscles.
Loaded up my car with bales of hay and a rather large and unruly cornstalk...and now my car smells like a farm.

Which is better than the smell of boys.
As of this morning, my little house on my little street is decorated for the season of harvest and we celebrated with a german apple pancake, made with the last of our orchard apples.


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