Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Happenings

Saturday evening, Matthew's orchestra was playing nearby at an old, old church.

(St John's for those of you local)

I love this is everything that a church should be. In my mind, anyway. It is old. And creaky. And echo-ey. And drafty.

And yes, I am being serious when I say that I love that. For me...if I close my eyes, it just feels the way a church should feel. I picture huge big hymns and woman in stockings and casseroles at potlucks.

Call me strange.

But while I picture all these things in my mind, my heart is at a little church 20 some miles north. And I am thankful for that...thankful for the freedom to be able to choose where I want to worship.

What a blessing.

Anyway, after church (and Matthew's group was beautiful), we did stop on the way home at Dairy Queen. It wasn't until they started handing us food at the drive thru that I realized my middle son had ordered one too many ice creams.

So I got to eat his spare...and let me tell you, a chocolate dipped cone from DQ is up there with some of my very favorite enjoyable things.
Sunday was all about basketball games and soccer practices and lunch with friends and a concert on campus.


Monday morning, in between correcting a payroll mistake that I had made and training a new guard, I held a couple of interviews and went to a Mom's In Touch meeting.

And then it was time for some fun.

Lunch with the girls at The Zinc of my favorite Newport Beach vegetarian eateries.

I had an asparagus sandwich, served open faced with mashed (and roasted) cauliflower and topped with melted brie and a soft boiled egg.

A moment of silence, please.
Followed by the most amazing toffee, graham and pecan square...which I didn't like. At all.

Can you tell?

See No Evil.
Hear No Evil.
And me...Speak No Evil.

Of course.
I am now realizing that I never made it to the store today for milk, so off I go now.

I miss the days when I had a milkman.

But milkmen don't deliver malted milk balls...and we're out of those, too.

Oh...and the things I do when I am bored.



  1. Churches with hymns and women in stockings? Not for me, thank you very much.

    Oh, that plate of "lunch" doesn't look or sound appetizing according to Matt and Rachel (and ME).

    Oh, Rachel loves the photo of you :)

  2. I think it's a shame that so many churches have moved away from the rich heritage of hymns for endlessly repetitive choruses. Northwestern University is putting all of its music ensembles together later this month for a hymn sing that they promise will "blow the roof" off the cathedral. Maybe I'll take Kate so she can fulfill one of her concert attendance requirements for choir and AP music theory : )

  3. NICE DIAMOND...... and I am pretty sure that is Kitty torture


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