Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'd like to say that I have accomplished much today.

But I had a distraction.



I did work in the field this morning. I had a long and rather annoying conversation with a motorcycle cop over a stoplight issue and my crossing guards...and refused to back down until he realized I was right. Must've been my bright yellow vest. I met my boss in a parking lot and exchanged info. I fielded calls from EIGHTEEN unhappy parents over the possible firing of their beloved crossing guard.

I ate malted milk balls.

I watched 18 Kids and Counting and Flipping Out.

I ate more malted milk balls.

I emailed every teacher of one of my children, just to check in.

I ate even more malted milk balls.

I shipped 11 jewelry all my scrap silver for credit from my favorite supplier.

I ate what doesn't at this point seem possible, more malted milk balls.

I did NOT do laundry. I did NOT clean up the fact, the breakfast dishes are still in the sink. I did NOT make my bed. I did NOT plan supper.

Too many malted milk balls.


  1. Wow...I honestly had no idea that supervising crossing guards would involve so much work and so many issues. In our area it's mostly senior citizens who help children cross the street directly in front of the traffic lights or anything. We don't really have them anywhere else around town. You've shown me a whole different side of school life!

  2. YOU GO GIRL. Let those beds make themselves for once. I salute you- AND your balls (malted milk).

  3. I always knew there was a reason I liked you. Now I know... Malted milk balls. :D

  4. Being a crossing guard around here is one of the most dangerous jobs. The one at the busy intersection has to deal with traffic, turn lanes, kids, and the drivers who don't want to stop. (the reason I usually drive to school) The other guard by the school deals with stop signs, and tons of traffic. Let's not forget about all the parents who think they can double park. After talking with a couple crossing guards, you can eat all the malted milk balls you want!


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