Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Day, Brian

Brian had a dreamy birthday this year....the perfect, for him, birthday.

For starters...bed head and a birthday donut.

With sprinkles.

A visit to the skatepark, pizza at the park and a swim in the pool with all of his friends.
His present from mom and dad came in the form of a poem. A riddle.

Can you figure it out?
Sure enough, hidden in his shower was one of the 189 things on his list this year.

A brand spankin' new, 85 POUND skateboard ramp. It'll survive the antics of older brothers, too, which is a plus.
Dinner was out at the 11 year old birthday boy's choice of restaurant....Koki's.

You know...the kind of place where they cook all your food in front of you and throw vegetables in your mouth and make a volcano out of an onion.

And make you wear a funny hat if it is your birthday.
All in all...a very splendid day for our littlest shrub.


1 comment:

  1. I like Alex's look in the last picture, he is thinking, "WHAT a loser!"

    AH sibling love!


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