Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sing Along Songs

I took loads of pictures today on our little excursion out of town, but this little video sums up our day.

Brothers + long car ride+ the Beatles = much laughter.



  1. 1. Does Brian EVER get to sit up front or is he always relegated to the trunk?

    2. Does Alex EVER really WEAR his seat belt?

    3. Does Matthew EVER spend time on campus? Seems to me he should be off studying! Of course it may not matter, I hear his mother is sleeping with one of the colleges faculty members.

  2. X,
    1. Only if one of his older brothers isn't with us. Otherwise they have to touch and that is a no-go with the mama.

    2. After seeing this video, it is definitely something we are going to be working on.

    3. Yes he does, but he came home for our little trip. Turns out we offered two things he food and air conditioning.



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