Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Walk On The beach

This morning after finishing up with a few guard visits, I met my very Greek friend Maria for a hot tea and a walk on the beach.

Just what I needed.

We spent a lot of time talking about the usuals...our kids (and she is one of those that I can be totally, completely honest with) and food (Greek food and Italian food...because in reality, what else is there?) and prayer.

I was telling her all about my day yesterday and that I have come to realize that I pray in good times, but in the bad and ugly, I tend to just deal with the situation as it is happening...rather than letting the One who is truly in charge have a go at it.

And I don't like that I do that. So, I am going to try...pray first. Deal second.

Hang the child is still in third.


I spent the rest of this morning hammering out some new (and a couple of old best sellers) pendants. And earrings. My website is going to get a smallish overhaul in the next few weeks and I wanted to add a few new things. The Christmas orders have already started...fun!

It's actually chilly today and in the low 70's. I've got some zucchini bread in the oven and think I'll throw together some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for the boys as an after school treat.

Supper will be baked chicken and the very last of the summer basil will become pesto. We have a mandatory basketball meeting tonight...let the games begin!


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