Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn

Today is the first day of autumn...and in honor of this day, I installed a wife in my garden.

It's really just a soaker hose and a timer....but it's just like having a wife.

Sort of.


It's 10:30am and I feel like it's time for bed...I woke up early and sat in the backyard (and it was chilly...had to throw a blanket on!) to work on my Bible study (I'm already behind and it is only week 2. sigh.), made coffee, lunches, breakfast, met my boss for drive arounds, checked in at Brian's school (it's picture day and I wanted to be there), picked up the dry cleaning, ran into the grocery store and bought $38 worth of stuff but forgot the one thing I actually went in for (fresh tarragon, for bearnaise tonight), so I need to go back...and yes, I had a list IN MY HAND the whole time, started the laundry, and answered emails.

Oh...and installed a wife in my garden.

Maybe she'll come and sweep the floors for me, too.



  1. $38 at the grocery store? Didn't you forget to type the number in the front, like $138, or $238?

    I forget things at the grocery store all the time. I blame it on having too many kids. Come to think of it, I blame everything on having too many kids! :)

  2. No it's really just that you are getting old!


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