Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This and That

Saturday night's supper...I think they're on to me.


Sunday night's basketball game...Alex is the tallest on our team. Every player on the other team was taller than Alex. We just don't grow them very big in our town....maybe it's the NorCal water?


Great game...we lost by 2.

Tuesday's dirt. Small house...lotsa dirt.

It's been pretty busy. Last night I dropped boys off to practice and met up with some friends to see a movie...p.s. I love You. OK...and Enchanted. We sneaked into a 2nd movie. 4 middle aged wives of church workers. Anway, there was no one in the late movie so we talked the whole way through.

This morning came early and I had an early PTA meeting. Plus, I was in charge of snack...but January is so easy because everyone is on a diet and doesn't eat much.


It was then time to count money from our book fair way back in early December, followed by a trip to the bank. Not my bank...but watch for a blog on our banking issues soon. My heart isn't strong enough right now.

I was home in just enough time to do the floors.
And feed the cats. And play Guitar Hero.

M is back at work and the whole phone system is down, so I am assuming he's coming home for supper. Brian is playing outside, Alex is on his way home from an afterschool tournament, and Matthew has practice tonight. Supper will be pork chops...or Stonefire Grill. I'm leaning towards Stonefire.



  1. Forget the banks. Just get cash and stuff it into the mattress!

  2. Now if your kids snuck into a movie, and they were dumb enough to tell you about it, you would be all over them!

    The girl friend was over again?! You are going to have to sit her down and see what her intentions are. :-)


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