Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bread Day

Today was the day.

The 'get the house in order or you'll have a nervous breakdown and get really, really crabby' day.

Our bedroom had become a storage area and I just couldn't deal with it any longer, so I spent the better part of the morning shoveling it out. I multi tasked and paid the phone bill and did laundry.

What a gal.


And then? Then I made bread! Sausage bread with spinach, to go along with Escarole soup. It's cold here, you know.

Like 65 degrees cold. Definitely soup weather.

I managed to go a whole day without getting in my car, though M is now pacing the house and wants to go for a drive, so I need to hurry.

Matthew is giving his trumpet a bath, Alex is writing an essay on candy, and Brian is playing Star Wars on X-Box.

As for me...I am off for a drive with that guy that I like so much.



  1. 65 degrees? You poor thing! If it was that cold here today, my kids would be in shorts!

  2. Isn't getting really crabby part of being a woman? :-p


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