Friday, January 18, 2008

Door Knobs For Dummies

In the midst of yesterday afternoon's craziness. I got locked out of my house.

Not exactly locked out, but the door knob, once and for all...broke.

It stopped turning and nothing would make it ever turn again.

Stubborn. Must be related to me.

Brian was invited to a friends after school, which later turned into an all night-er...but more on that later, so off I went to the hardware store.

I get excited just at the thought of certainly loves me some power tools.

So, we bought the house with the current door on.

(OK, so just follow me on this one...)

There is the door knob, a keyed deadbolt, and a regular deadbolt.

And get this...a peephole.
Which is located next to the 9 panes of glass. I'm thinking some paranoid people once lived in this itty bitty little house!
Well, I bought a new lock and lower deadbolt...and yes, folks...I fixed it myself! No more waiting for new doors to be keyed alike..I gave up and replaced it all by myself.

(And thanks to Dave my contractor neighbor, who helped me get the door open after it became stuck shut...)

Now I've just gotta paint!

So, after a small break for wrestling (and I'm holding out that that's what this was), we took off for Nick's (where we did NOT go the night before) minus one cute 9 yr old.

We started with a bowl of mussels...

...and ended with a pizza!

Brian ended up 'sleeping' over at his friend's house (found out they were up almost all night!) and then they went bowling this morning. He has no school today, but Alex and Matthew do. Well, really only Alex because Matthew is with his choir at Disneyland, singing at 1:30pm.

I was planning on taking Brian and going to watch, but baby Bear is currently sound asleep on my bed.


However, I will be at Disneyland tonight...well, actually California Adventure. We've got tickets to some big benefit concert at the Hyperian theatre inside the park. We're going with new friends (and 1,996 other 'even newer friends'), meeting for dinner first and hopefully a pre-concert cocktail. I'm excited...I even bought really cute new girl shoes for it!

Want to see?


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  1. Now that you have mastered doors, I have some ceiling fans that need to be put up. Want to come over and do them for me?


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