Saturday, January 12, 2008

Early Morning

Last night was a late one. It began with Gin Rummy, which I lost. The cocktail, a French Martini, was really good, though. Then the boys, mine plus a few stragglers watched The Mummy, while I read one of the many books I picked up from the new, most amazing library I found.

We live in a pretty cute little city, but it has the worst libraries. Coming from northern CA, where there were some great libraries and then Boulder, CO, where...oh dream library existed.

I could walk the boys along the creek, stopping for a tea along the way before coming to a big, beautiful 'mother-of-all' libraries.

We spent an awful lot of time there.

And then we moved here and the library nearby is just OK.

The other night on a drive, we discovered a big newer library near the ocean. And better yet, it has lots of books.


So, back to last night. My girlfriend picked up the boys from basketball and stopped in as she was dropping Alex off. Her son has been filling the extra chair at our table this week.

"Mizz B...what's that smell?"

Ummm...roast chicken.

The boys run to the oven and open the door.

"Mommmmm! I am so staying here for dinner!"

My girlfriend (who cooks, by the way) was trying to tempt them with the food she had a home but it was a no go, so Austin stayed for supper.

I dreamed all my life for these moments.

Never mind that they doused everything in Tabasco.


This morning I got up early and worked in the garden. Lots of little weeds and the final eggplant came out. It's now empty and I am so ready for the Spring planting. There is a huge tomato sale at a local college...they have a horticulture program and raise seedlings, and I have been browsing the catalog. I've narrowed it down to like 34 varieties.


Matthew was out of the house early...he is at a car show with some friends. He got the 'car gene' from somewhere, but not from his parents. He and a group are getting dressed up and going to dinner's the Winter Formal, but they decided not to go. Too expensive ($65/each), too far (Knott's Berry Farm) and too boring (according to them). So, they're getting all dressed up and going to Nick's.

Alex is out of the house already, too. He and Kyle are shooting free throws and then are going to play video games.

All day.

M has been playing Brian's new wii game...Super Mario Galaxy and has been having a blast. He won it yesterday only to discover a new land, so he probably won't move.

All day.

Brian is cuddling with his dad. In his matching PJ's. Too cute.

The cats are still trying to catch the mouse.

I am going to walk my neighborhood and catch up with the girls, finish cleaning out my laundry room and make a chicken pot pie.

And read.

All day.


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