Monday, January 28, 2008

No News

It's a rather slow news day, and you know what that means.
Pictures of my cats. Or cat (singular) this time.

Up a tree. Yes, she came down without me having to call the fire department.

  • Matthew is feeling better. No school (high school only) today, so he and Jen hung around here and made breakfast. And lunch. And cookies.
  • Brian's fever is just under 100. He was a sick little guy. Tomorrow he gets another day at home with me.
  • I, though, had to go work recess duty for 30 minutes at his school. Matthew was here, so I snuck out.
  • Sadly, my subscription to People magazine expired. On purpose. After 14 years. I am trying to not cry, but a budget is a budget. Sigh. I am going to miss it.
  • The attic is 75% done. One mom went up and 28...yes, that is 28! rather large trash bags came down.
  • Two cats went up with me and I am pretty sure that sound was a mouse. Or bigger.
  • The fries in the last post had cheese, thousand island dressing (called 'spread' at In n Out), and grilled onions on them. Don't knock it until you try them. And yes, Holly, they do look like barf.
  • I had a few emails about our neighborhood lake. I'll write a post about it soon.
  • Supper tonight was chicken pot pie. Ina's recipe. Tweaked.
  • Today, Brian and I watched The Minutemen on Disney, National Treasure and The Empire Strikes Back. I fell asleep during all 3, which means I will be up all night. =0)
  • I also cleaned the hall closet during movie #1, the pantry during movie #2, and the refrigerator during movie #3. So I guess I can justify the naps.
  • Alex is doing amazingly well in school. Now THAT was a good phone call.
  • I drove the crew to practice tonight and was serenaded with 'Hey Jude'. Except they sang "Hey Dude". Priceless.


  1. People magazine? All trash to me. Too many Hollywood types. Just go to the news pages online, and you can get all the info you want for free! You might want to opt to get the Kraft Food and Family magazine - it's free. Lot's of nice color photos, too. -since you're into photos of food :)

  2. You got rid of People but you still have cable? I think my children are right, I am the only one on the planet who refuses to buy cable.

    The girl friend was over in time for breakfast? You had better watch those two!

  3. Rachel and Matt are looking at the fries and think they are disgusting! Rachel says don't take photos of disgusting food anymore. But she still likes the peanut butter and fluff one. (they are reading this over my shoulder and should be in bed!!!!!)


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