Saturday, January 26, 2008


In the summer...the lagoon at the end of our street looks like this:

In the winter, it's drained and becomes a skate park! At least in the eyes of a 9 year old...


When you get tired of skateboarding, you can always build a fort out of chairs.
We took a walk this morning and fed the ducks. Brian really wanted to go on a boat, but the docks are closed at our lake on Saturdays. Turned out to be a good thing...we're home now and he's feeling crummy. 12 kids were absent from his class on Friday with the flu and it looks like he has the beginnings of it.

Alex has been out shooting hoops and Matthew (after spending yesterday at Disneyland and coming home late) was up early for the local cars and coffee. M has auditions for soloists this afternoon and an extremely early call time tomorrow...I think he said 4:30am.

Supper? Hmmm...probably chicken noodle soup!

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  1. Wow, they don't lock up the chairs and the pool area when it's drained?


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