Friday, January 4, 2008

Last Day Off

On Monday, 4 out of 5 of us return to the hustle bustle of life.

And I get to enjoy a clean house for a few hours a day.


Not much going on fact, it is 4:20 and I am already in my PJ's. Alex is at practice and actually had rides both ways...shocker!, Matthew is practicing his trumpet and Brian is finishing up a blissful day of being outside with friends.

M and I took Maggie to be spayed and have already picked her up. Mollie is angry and hissing and growling at her...Matthew walked by her and told her to 'grow up'.

Too funny.

So, until something exciting happens...OH!...we are on rain alert....does that count?

Here's to today:

A man on my roof.

An asparagus frittata. Guitar Hero on wii...the songs were driving me crazy, so on went his headphones.
MORE guitar hero..and BTW, I can now play Slow Ride with almost no mistakes!
The guys. Denzel, in the blue, had 3 brain tumors removed the day after Christmas. Pathology isn't back yet, but he is doing amazingly well!
And while driving the crew to Denzel's house, who happens to live in a gated community...which in our town just cracks me up. Nothing ever happens here, so why have a gate? Anyway, I learned that gates aren't always motion sensitive and that anti-lock brakes work really well, yet sound HORRIBLE.

But at least I STOPPED. And why oh why did I listen to my 14 year old when he said, 'Run it!!" ????

Not something I will easily forget either, as I had a carload of boys.



  1. Jason Borne would have run it...

  2. Nice door banner in the photo! :)

    Andrew still wants Guitar Hero III for Wii. I bowled 3 games today.

    Gated communities. That xerxes guy would have run it - he's a crazy driver.


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