Friday, January 25, 2008

Long Week

The rains have come and for the 1st time in 2 years, so has the green on the hills surrounding the university. I was up there this morning because a fountain was being dedicated in memory of my girlfriends father, who died 1 year ago tomorrow and was one of the founders of the school.

Life is a little calmer today following a really, really rough week. One of my Meals on Wheels ladies died, on top of a health scare of my own, and I am finding that life seems so fragile right now. Matthew is struggling with college stuff...who would've thought that being recruited for schools would be so stressful? He is confused about where he should go and being the old soul that he is, he worries. M is having his own struggles with some work things as well as preparing for big concerts and 2 upcoming tours. It's going to be a long semester for him.

So for tonight, following the basketball driving, I am going to make a huge pot of chicken cacciatore and curl up with my family in my little house on my little street.



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