Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Playing in the fountain in Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy.

20 months old.

My little redhead, who is no longer little. Or a redhead.

He's feeling all better but is hanging with me one more day. Together we finished the attic and he is currently emptying the hot water tank in the longest shower ever. Not a luxury when you are the youngest behind 2 teenage brothers.

But they are at school, so I told him to take as long as he wants. And play Moon Tycoon as long as he wants.

Gotta love being the baby.



  1. Whenever Elizabeth empties the HW tank she wants me to pull the tank up to the kitchen sink and refill it with hot water.

  2. We always have discussions of who hogs all the hot water. Matt says Andrew does it. Andrew says Matt does. Rachel votes for Andrew. Matt wants a water saving shower head for Andrew's bathroom downstairs, so that there is more hot water for Matt. He could stay in the shower all day.

    The xerxes guy doesn't have to worry about his lovely daughter using all the hot water. She's back at college.


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