Sunday, January 6, 2008


Cough. Cough.



Is it possible that we are STILL passing this cold around?


Last night was a full table, though we lost 1 and gained 2 more.
Brian had a neighborhood sleep-over at his friend Nathan's house, two doors down. Matthew had Jenn over and Alex had Austin over...all at the last minute. It was a lively crew and fortunately I had made a huge hunk 'o meat and mashed potatoes, so everyone was happy.

The cute picture would go here, but blogger is not cooperating today.

That's OK.

This morning came early and off to church we went. After, we came home and had lunch and nappers were everywhere. Alex has a late game today, in town, so we'll be leaving in a bit.

It's been cold and drizzly here for days and I am so needing that sun to peek out. My mood is matching the sky right now...kind of gloomy and grey. The house is in shambles...OK, not shambles, but definitely out of order. Christmas stuff is everywhere. Leaves from outside are everywhere. People are everywhere.

I like the people, but I am tired of the mess.

Anyway, supper will be baked ravioli and garlic bread. Brian and Matthew can eat while we are at the game and the rest of us will eat around 7:15pm when we get home. Backpacks still need to be put together, but I have already warned every male in this house that they are going to bed early.
I did watch Music and Lyrics today and that movie just cracks me up. Gotta buy that one.

Maybe while I am at Costco, alone, this week.


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  1. The kids are back to school tomorrow!! The husband has federal jury duty for at least tomorrow. I will be crafting more, as all my crafts sold this week on ebay - yipee!


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