Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last night, I discovered that there are quite a few men out there that get pedicures after work.

Which I found just a tad bit....ummmm....weird.

Ah well, I now have 9 pretty toes and one that is not so pretty after smudging the polish while getting into my car.  Can't have everything, right?

Then again, my hair looks amazing thanks to Monica, who succesfully re-brunetted me.  Cough, cough.  


This morning I had to run a few errands...Peets for coffee beans and Costco for a few things, including gas.

Check it out.

I filled my gas guzzler for $40.00!  Can you see me weeping for joy?


Picked up pork chops for dinner, london broil for tomorrow night, batteries, bread and raspberries.

And the free iced tea from Peets.

Eating while I blog.

My neighbors cat, Trixie, decided to sunbathe in my backyard.  Mollie wasn't thrilled.
Making jewelry.  Looks like a mess, huh?

Probably because it is.


I did get quite a few made this morning and that feels good.

The rest of our day is fairly quiet.  Brian is out early today and I am almost certain that he will walk down the street with someone wanting to stay and play.  He was supposed to have a basketball try-out at 6pm but it was postponed, hence the switch from potato soup and panini's to pork chops.


Alex has practice after school and open gym tonight...and I just found out this weekend that they will also be practicing on Saturday mornings.

At 7:30 am.

Yep, 7:30 am.

I wonder how productive a bunch of teens will be that early in the morning?


1 comment:

  1. 7:30 is still the middle of the night to most teens.

    Elizabeth is annoyed if she gets a class that starts before 10:00!


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