Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Long, Long Day

Three cats on the fence and one is not ours.  

Now THAT's something to blog about, huh?

Yesterday morning, my neighbor and I hopped in her car in search of fame and fortune.   Or not.


But we were off to see the Bonnie Hunt show!  We were supposed to be 4 and then we were 3 and then we 2 almost didn't go, but in the end we decided to go after all.

Though Sheila did tell me that she would not have cleaned her car for just me.


So, this is where we were headed, which believe it or not is where we started...though in two different worlds.  Or counties.  Take your pick.
Sheila drove.  I navigated.  We both talked.  Alot.  Cuz that is what we do.
Found it!  It's a charming old studio.
Got a number.

Waited in line.
And then surrendered my cell phone AND camera.  Yowza...not easy to do.  

Here's how it worked:

  • 10:30am - leave home
  • 11:30am - arrrive Culver City, park, grab our chairs, buy salads at the perfectly conveniently located Trader Joe's, and go set ourselves up in line.
  • 1:00pm - they hand us numbers.  The studio seats 170, though they only take 135 regular, as in me, people in.
  • 1:45pm - take our chairs, cameras and cell phones back to the car.
  • 2:15 - security.  Glad I cleaned out my purse.  On to the holding area for more sitting/people watching.
  • 3:45pm - ushered into the studio.  They grabbed Sheila and led us to probably the best seats in the house...right in front of Bonnie Hunts desk.  We were then handed a hot dog and a root beer and told to eat fast.
  • 4:15pm - 5:45pm - the show tapes.  Fascinating to watch how many people it takes to put one show together.  Bonnie Hunt is amazing and real.  Love that.  David Archeleta is adorable and his new single rocks...I  am now a fan.
  • 6:00pm - back in the car and heading home!

It was a fun, fun day....most of all because I got to spend the day with one of my dearest friends.  It was also eye opening watching the kind of people who attend tapings and get soooo very caught up in it.

On one side of us was a woman who has been to like 50 tapings and kept telling us all about who she knows from where and how and when.  She was actually very fun, though shocked when I told her that I don't do this often.  If ever.

And the beautiful 'angel' lady right beside me?  Inspiring and lovely.  Truly a shining light.

On the other side of us were some really nice people who couldn't help but name drop every star they had ever met.  And that they fly all over the country attending events and that they know TONS of people in the business.

Hmmmm....why were they waiting with us 'real' folks in line?

Fascinating.  Simply fascinating.

Will I ever do it again?  Probably not, though I would love to go with that guy that I like so much, cuz he would LOVE the band and seeing all the production stuff.  So never say never.  But I was awfully tired of sitting, though that was one tasty root beer.

The show airs today.  Pretty cool.


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  1. I missed the show this afternoon. Are you shown in the audience? I know my sister would watch it just for Archie!


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