Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Saturday

Driving today, I looked over and saw that guy that I like so much, who looks toooo happy driving that car.

Why two cars on the road?  Because my car had to go in for a big service...which would have been better to do in like March, rather than before Christmas.  The good news?  They'll give me a 'free' car wash.
We made a stop at Claro's and saw this, which is NOT a good thing to see.  New smoke...very new smoke.  It is 90 and windy and dryer that dry...a very, very bad combination.  
Michael and Brian are at the end of the year soccer party...Matthew and Alex are hanging out here watching football.  Our house is closed up and the AC is on, the washer/dryer are washing and drying and I am hammering out some jewelry for an upcoming show at a friends this week.

Supper is out for us at some friends...I'm looking forward to it!


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  1. I've seen the news about the new fires. You really need to leave CA. Come to where it's grey, cold, and dreary!

    Aren't car repairs fun? We've kept our mechanic in business for the past couple months. Yep, he knows us by name.


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