Monday, November 3, 2008


I am having issues with blogger...everytime I upload pictures, it scrambles the order of them, which in turn scrambles my brain about what I was going to blog about in the first place.

It's Monday.

Monday comes after Sunday...and on Sunday we went to church, out to lunch (ToGo's...had a coupon!), did laundry, finished Mr Smith Goes to Washington (and what happens at the end?  do they get together?  does he stay in washington?  does the damn get built?) and cooked a completely mediocre supper of pork roast, roasted potatoes and succotash.  

It got eaten and it helped level the after hallow's eve blood sugar issues, but it wasn't the best recipe in the world.

This morning I was at the school bright and early for book fair clean up, then on to the bank and off to meet Katharine for a Monday morning breakfast.

Not sure you can tell in this photo, but every single candidate, issue and measure is represented along this street.

Hmmm...back to Halloween.  Brian collected 8 lbs of candy...8 POUNDS.  Yeah, we weighed it.  Pretty remarkable.
Yesterday involved a trip to the roof for the removal of the was Brian's 1st time up and after taking this picture, I went inside so I couldn't see.
Back to Saturday...Alex had a basketball game (they lost), Brian had a soccer game (they lost) and the Buff's played (they lost).

Must've been catchy.

OH...and Alex is hard to get pictures of, so here you go.

Brian, after 8 lbs of candy.

Just kidding....he kept some and the rest went with daddy to work.  
My neighbors...crazy, crazy, crazy.
I am so copying this idea for next year!
Saturday evening, our neighborhood gathered for games on the 'hill'.  
The sign in front of my neighbors house...made me laugh.  Very, very creative!
I ran to IKEA and bought a cheap, cheap, cheap...yet extremely solid kitchen island, which will be adorable after I paint it some really cool color, and now I am waiting to pick Alex up and head back to the dentist for part 2 of 3, this time back at the regular dentist.

Can you wrap paid dental bills and put them under the tree?


Supper tonight is a pot of chili....which we eat on top of macaroni and topped with cheese, sour cream and for some, peperoncini.   With corn bread on the side.

Mmmm...I'm hungry!


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