Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vacation, Day 2

Monday night was the 1st basketball game of the #23 is now #35. His choice. Alex had a great's going to be a fun season!

Packed and ready to go...we were heading out on vacation to Big Bear. Could barely fit the boys, who all had to sit in one row. Matthew was a bit tired of all the family togetherness and we hadn't even left yet.


This could be part of the crazy kid for sale. Cheap.

Off we drove, into the mountains. Toward the snow.

One cool cell phone tower, meant to blend in to the scenery.


A little less than two hours later and we were in Big Bear Village...charming.

Tiny, yet with two with a drive-thru.

God is good.

Crazy kid helping to unload...the house is great. 5 bedrooms, 4 baths and a game room for the kids. Lots and lots of kids...8 to be exact, ranging from 2 - 18.

Brian, Alex, Nate, Kelsey and Maddie.

The 1st morning, the two brothers having coffee. Cracks me up that they are wearing the same pj's!
Cousins, eating breakfast.

Sophie Michele making apple pie. Isn't she perfect? Plus, she has a most perfect name.
Last night the snow started falling...big, fluffly snowflakes. We suddenly had kids running and playing out back in the dark...priceless. Today is turkey day...Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. This sounds like some sort of holiday movie!

  2. Lots of kids is 8 kids? Hmmmm.... I have half of that all the time. Add in friends, and there is always someone home.

    If there's snow, are you wearing socks?


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