Monday, November 10, 2008


Sunday afternoon and a trip to Bev Mo.


Followed by a Sunday afternoon trip to Trader Joe's.
Finished up with chicken and pesto...
...and daisies in a pitcher.
And in the mail?  Tickets for the Bonnie Hunt show next week...the producer who called me last week said the guest is David Archeleta, from American Idol fame.

So, so excited!

Today and tomorrow are no school days for my younger boys, so old friends came to play.

Brian and Nico have been best friends since before they were born...their middle brothers and oldest brothers are also best friends.
A movie (something with a dog), lunch and games at Dave and Buster's, plus a little shopping, where the two crown princes removed their shoes and got comfy.

Cracked me up.

And the Mr T necklace Brian is sporting?  A prize from his gaming wins...completes the outfit, don't 'cha think?

Fed Michael left-over pesto and chicken on his way too short dinner break and the rest of us are just hanging out.  Alex and Brian are playing video games and I am working my way through the 42 email messages that are in my IN box.

The boys will eat cereal when they get hungry and I am thinking I might have oatmeal is chilly here, but I am not complaining!



  1. Tickets for David A?? Cheryl will be SO jealous!

  2. Little David A.! I saw that his CD comes out today. I may reserve it at the library and give it a listen. Lately I've been in more of an opera mood, though.


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