Sunday, November 9, 2008



Absolutely blustery.


The wind is blowing and the temps have dropped to a chilly 65 degrees...I actually dug out my clogs this morning.


The last few days have been filled in boxes on the calendar...the kind of days where you run from one thing to another and long for your couch, a blanket and a movie.

(which is happening today....but we're not there yet!)

Friday morning, I met Kath for a hike, where it was 85 degree Santa Ana conditions at 8am.


Actually, it WAS lovely....aside from the all uphill part, but it was fun to be moving AND talking with not a boy in sight.  Not that I don't love these boys, but it's always nice to be with someone who totally gets the whole over the top testosterone thing.

Finished our hike with a stop in to Corner Bakery because we just weren't done talking yet.  Nothing like a hike followed by breakfast.  Life is good.


Home to shower and then I worked as a lunch helper at Brian's school...always fun cuz I really like all those kids.

I then ran some errands....and then got a date invite I couldn't refuse from that guy that I really, really like.

He's been working like a hound dog (tis the season) and needed a night out in between choral festivals that he was hosting, choral festivals he was adjudicating, and choral festivals his choir was actually in.

That's how you make the big bucks.


Plus, we were celebrating a little anniversary of our own, so off to Maggiano's we went.  Sometimes, you just need Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin belting out songs while you drink red wine and eat really good italian food.

Did I mention the wine?
Or even better....the good friends that came and met us?  Aren't they cute?  It was just a nice, relaxing, slow night...with really good cappuccino at the end. 


Just what we needed.
Saturday brought a day of basketball, where I learned that sitting on the floor in a gym for over an hour is fine, but the getting up part is not as easy.

The game ended and I looked around at all the people on the floor and could kind of tell that no one wanted to crawl their way back to I suggested we all roll left together before standing up.

Which I then laughed and thankfully, so did everyone else.  And yes, we all rolled left and crawled our way to standing.


OH, and Alex had the 'game of his life'.  His words, not mine.  He was on fire.


Saturday night, M came home on the late side from choral festival #4.  Brian was sleeping at a friends house (no school Monday or Tuesday), so the table was only set for 3.

Kinda strange.
Supper was really good though...orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe.  

Good old comfort food.


Somehow, M got a 2nd wind, so off we went to Cost Plus for a little late night shopping.  While there, we met our new friend Ed ( we were lounging in recliners talking and Ed the manager came up and asked if wanted him to order appetizers for us...we were then best friends.) offered us the employee discount for whatever we bought.


So, one leather recliner later...already on clearance PLUS the discount and it almost paid us to buy it!, plus a few miscellaneous things, and we were on our way back home.

OH...and they had torrone.

Real, honest to goodness torrone.
Plus Mozart balls for Alex and Matthew.  Just like Europe.

After, we stayed up late watching a movie I cannot remember...must not've been very good and this morning we were bums.

I mean, for real.


We did not go to church, which for us is a pretty big deal.  We slept in, picked up Brian, cleaned up the backyard, ate left over Maggiano's, played Animal crossing, watched football...and are now heading to Costco for something to throw on the grill for supper.

And that is our day.  The last box on the calendar with nothing on it until after concert season.  

And it is a very, very good day.



  1. Happy anniversary! I would gladly come out to help you celebrate in the beautiful 60 degree weather. Today the wind chill is in the 20s, and we have been getting little white snow flurries from time to time. My outdoor walking days are behind me for now. I have become a cold weather wimp. Time to go pop in a Leslie Sansone DVD and take an indoor walk.

  2. What anniversary??? You were married in June...

  3. You poor thing - CHILLY 60 degree weather. Right now it's 30, but feels like 22. Want to come visit? You might have to wear socks AND shoes.


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