Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's the little things this lunch at Strawberry Farms with that guy that I like so much.  


Lines in the carpet from vacuuming, which remind me of my mom.  When I was little, she would vacuum (daily, I think...we had a siberian husky who shed LOTS) and then we would walk on the carpet to get the lines out.  

Because you want your house vacuumed, but not looking vacuumed, right?

Anyway, I walk the lines out, too.
This morning, Suzie and I finally counted the book fair money...probably our lowest one yet, but still OK.  

Plus, it's fun to sit and talk.

Ran to Costco AGAIN for the halibut I was hoping to cook for supper, but came out with a roast instead.  The big news?  The gas price.  Unbelievable!
I am going to try and take a little nap...I got talked into going to the Twilight premiere (wasn't hard to talk me into it, actually) at 12:03 am, which is going to require a LARGE diet coke to help me get through.  I'm excited to see the movie, though I hope I can stay awake...and warm!



  1. Gas is already below $2 for you? Ours was $2.07 yesterday at Sams Club when I filled up the tank. I am still happy with that, but am waiting for under $2. Now if food prices would drop....

  2. Gas dropped to $1.95 by me this afternoon.

    Kate would be very jealous if I told her that you are going to the midnight showing of Twilight. She is assuring me that EVERYONE at school is going except her...never mind that it is after legal curfew for a 17-year-old (Happy Birthday, dear Kate!). And she has NOTHING going on in her classes tomorrow that she needs to stay awake for...well, except that HUGE math test her teacher e-mailed parents about earlier this week so we could make sure our children were both in school and awake enough to take the test.

    She is now threatening to stay up all night anyways and read Twilight books if she can't see the Twilight movie. She says she'll read New Moon since Bella turns 17 at the beginning of New Moon and Kate turns 17 today.

    Her Twilight birthday presents included an official Twilight dream hoodie and Rosalie's necklace. Tonight Kate showed me Bella's engagement ring on the net. You can get a gold-plated cubic zirconia version for $59, a 14K gold cubic zirconia version for several hundred dollars, or the real thing with 13 diamonds for several thousand dollars. It's definitely a lot of bling!


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