Thursday, November 13, 2008

One of Those Days

So here I sit, eating a kitkat bar...anyone else eat all the chocolate off the outside, then eat it layer by layer by layer?

Probably not.

Where was I?

Oh here I sit, eating a kitkat bar and wondering to myself why I even bothered to get out of bed this morning.


Got up, got boys out the door for school, showered (LOVE my hair, in case you were wondering.  How often does THAT happen?) and hit the road for a meeting regarding my old non-profit.

Which is no longer mine, as those men in suits keep telling me.  But then they call and NEED my help.

It's really a no win situation.  They call for help.  I feel guilty.  I run, because while it is no longer MY non-profit, it is still MY baby and one I feel passionate about.  I help them.  They criticize.  Lots. I run home with my tail between my legs, alternating between crying and telling them EXACTLY how I feel about those no good suit wearers all while driving my car and looking like a crazy woman.  I then realize that I was asked to help THEM and I am never going to do it again.

And then the cycle repeats itself EVERY MONTH.

And OBVIOUSLY, I have NO brain.

No kidding.


So that is what happened this morning.  Again.

Made it home in time to do my Meals on Wheels run, which was unusually small today.  Just as I finished up, I got an S.O.S call from a friend and met her for lunch....she needed to cry and I sat and cried right alongside her.

Because that is what best friends do.


Home to throw in some laundry, answer emails, make a few necklaces, eat kitkats, plan supper (london broil, roasted potatoes, green beans) and look for a beef stroganoff recipe online.

Yep, that's been my day so far.

Brian, on the other hand, had the day of his life.  He won a trip to Pump It Up for a red hummer limo.  He was so excited that he had trouble going to sleep last night.  They went for a long lunch and then ended his day dissecting a frog in science class.

The perfect day.

AND, being the adorable child that he is, brought me the frogs eyeball as a present.

I am one lucky mama.



  1. So, did you cook up the frog eyeball to go along with dinner???

  2. why is there no picture of your new HAIR?? And have you seen my blog of em's b-day?


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