Monday, November 3, 2008


Alex....Halloween 2008, dressed as himself.


Todays dental visit went more follow up's for 6 months.  His chances of keeping his 2 front teeth are 50/50...I'm thinking they'll stick.

The whole 'glass half full' thing.

AND...God has a sense of humor.  I came home to an IRS stimulus check that covered every dime of what it cost.  And I didn't think we were getting one of those checks this year because of the whole 'called worker' thing, so it was a complete surprise.

Off to make yet another milkshake for my boy.  Can you even imagine trying to fill him up on extremely soft foods? 



  1. Matt tried to go trick or treating as "himself". Way too scary for me!!!

  2. God's timing is incredible sometimes, isn't it? (By the way, I hate turning money over to the dentist. It seems like such an enormous amount of money for a little tiny tooth.)

  3. I like my rule, if you are old enough to shave body parts then you souldn't go trick or treating.


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