Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am exhausted.

Let me say it again, just so you can truly understand.

We have a slight issue happening in our house right now, and if I wasn't living it, I would not for a second believe it.

It is THAT crazy.

Mollie is in heat. I mean...HEAT. As in, give me a boy cat now so that I can shut her up.
She cries this high pitched cry all day long. And all night long. I actually slept on the couch last night so that I could let M sleep...he's got concerts this weekend, after all.

She wailed for a male ALL NIGHT LONG.

Now, it is kinda sorta my fault. We had an appointment to have them spayed and the vet had to cancel. I did reschedule and then had to cancel because I needed surgery. And now? Financially, it has to wait until after Christmas, though if we have another night of this, I will have them fixed instead of my car.

So we get to listen to her yowl. It's not quite a yelp and not quite a howl. It's a definite yowl.

I am sure Maggie is not far behind.


OK, I now promise to not blog about my cats for a few days, though I may not have much to talk about. It's a slow news week here in our corner of the world, and I am not complaining!!


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