Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

Happy Turkey Day!

The turkey is in the oven...all 25.1 lbs of him. It's become some sort of challenge for big a bird can we get? At church last night he kept telling people that HIS turkey is 25 big is yours?

Must be a guy thing.

For the most part, I do Thanksgiving pretty close to how Michael's family does. Why mess with something great? I still Italian-ize it somewhat...starting with antipasto. There's just something about a large platter of food on the table surrounded by a bunch of hungry people.

Makes me smile.

So, our dinner tonight will be turkey, (we got him in the oven, but we may never get him out!) gravy, wild rice stuffing, mashed potatoes, Aunt Fran's sweet potatoes, (I have no idea who Aunt Fran is, but she makes a mean dish of sweet potatoes) green beans, rolls, and 2 kinds of cranberries. Missing will be sea foam jello...along with my Mom and Tom, who are always here for Thanksgiving. =0(

We will have students coming over for dinner, so I have made mass quantities of food. I did buy a Costco pumpkin pie and made a Texas sheet cake, so we are set.

I am thankful for so much, but this Thanksgiving I am especially thankful for my Uncle John and his new kidney. He's coming home from the hospital today and will be eating real food and sleeping in his own bed. Please continue to pray for him and his recovery, and also for the family who made the choice to donate the kidney...what an amazing gift.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. I was wondering if you would take photos of your food! We just finished our meal, and dropped off a few items at my parents for when they get home.

    The seafoam jello must be a family thing. My mom makes it, too.

    After your surgery, it would have been fun to send you your favorite - yep, flop! But there's no way to mail that.

    Time to ck those ads for the sales tomorrow.

  2. I still think we should use Tim for parts!


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