Friday, November 30, 2007


On a cold and snowy night, you decided it was time to come.

Early and in a hurry.

52 minutes, to be exact.

From that moment on, you have lived up to that...early and in a hurry.

Why walk when you can run?

Why sit when you can play?

I had visions of what you would look like and they were always of a boy with blond hair and blue eyes.

Running with the wind.

We almost lost you a few times and you have caused us to quite literally fall on our knees in prayer.

More than once.

More than we can count.

Your laughter fills our home and we notice its absence when you are gone. You truly give meaning to the phrase, 'a breath of fresh air.'

God has given you to us to teach us that each day is a gift. An adventure. A day worth living.

Your faith is so simple. You believe that Jesus is your Savior with all your heart.

I am so thankful that you are my son; that I was chosen to be your mom.

Happy Birthday, Alex.

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