Monday, November 5, 2007

Recipes Needed...

...for cat.

Baked. Broiled. Casseroled.

And yes, I am well aware that casseroled is not a word, but at this moment, I don't really care.

Below are my two kitties, taken yesterday. When I still liked them.

And here? They've discovered toilet paper and have tp'd my house not once. Not twice. But three times. Today. THREE. TIMES. TODAY.

Look at her...caught in the act.
Casseroled, I tell ya.

Fortunately for the cats, yet unfortunately for me, the boys walked in after roll #2 of toilet paper, which, by the way, was all over the house. And I was acting a bit...ummm...psycho. PSYCHO. I said every cuss word I know, in ITALIAN, plus a few in Hungarian. (That I picked up in the Yellow Pub in Gyor, Hungary. Remind me tell you about THAT evening!)

Anyway, I was going crazy at cats and doing that thing that pet people do, which I've never understood, yet now I do it. I was having a discussion with my cats.

Matthew told me later that they were thinking of selling tickets.

Thanks, son. You were my favorite.

Anyway, back to cat #1 and cat #2.

I'm thinking stew. I'm pretty sure the dog next door likes stew.


  1. You could put the rolls somewhere where the cats can't get at them!

    Too bad your boys didn't film your rant, it would have gotten you money on Americas Favorite Videos. Or at lease a lot of hits on You Tube.

  2. So many cats, so few recipes....


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