Monday, November 12, 2007

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse...

...for breakfast!

Alex slept at a friends house last night and this morning they stumbled over to our house.


I always make pancakes, but this morning Matthew had dragged out our old waffle maker to take to school tomorrow. The trumpet section is hosting a waffle cook-off...apparently my son's idea.

And while trying to find the waffle maker, the blender got dropped.

I've mentioned our bad car karma, but we also have bad blender karma. We only use it a few times a year, so it's not that big of a deal, but I think M and I have gone thru a dozen or so blenders in our marriage.

And every time one breaks, I crave a pina colada...or in my case, a chi-chi. Rum and I don't mix and I'll spare you the story, but it involved a night of karaoke and a video tape. It was supposed to be a duet, but my husband was laughing so hard that he couldn't sing. Imagine that.

Back to the boys and their waffles. 4 boys, so I am thinking a dozen waffles. And being who I am, I made 16...just in case. Nope. 28 waffles later and they were full. Plus a pitcher of OJ and a ton of bacon.


They are now laying all over the furniture in the family room playing MarioKart. I'm not sure they'll be moving anytime soon.

Brian is feeling better. His cough is a little worse, but the earache is gone. Matthew is at the beach with's a beautiful day. M had to work and crawled out to his car this morning. He needs a break, the poor guy, and fortunately will get one next week. He works so hard so that I Just blog.


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