Sunday, November 18, 2007


My Uncle John has been on the transplant list for quite some time, and this morning the call came that they have a kidney for him.

Please pray for him, and for my Aunt Paula...and also for my cousins and their families. Uncle is already out of surgery and is in recovery. The surgery went well, so now they wait for the kidney to begin keep praying!


  1. Update as of 7pm central time:
    he's in his room, and the kidney is already functioning. next step is starting the anti-rejection drugs

  2. 1pm Monday:
    He's up and doing well. The kidney is still functioning. My mom is coming home to sleep tonight. He's tired, but didn't need much pain med last night. He might be home in a few days.

  3. 8pm Monday:
    My mom is home for the night to sleep, shower and go back tomorrow. My dad was walking in the halls this afternoon. Had to go to a drug class (about anti-rejection drugs). Oh, he called his dialysis center and said he wasn't coming back! :) He's doing well, and had some drs and students in to see the old guy that's doing so well (or is it his good looks?)

  4. Tues 6pm:
    I just talked to my dad, he sounds great. All is going well. There is a possibility that he might be able to come home on Thursday (late in the day/early evening)!


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