Saturday, November 17, 2007


Ever have one of those days that you'd call perfect? Today was one of of those in our house...and much needed!

The morning began with M and Alex at a basketball tournament. Alex fouled out in the 4th quarter of the his 1st game and came close in the 2nd. His team ended with one win and one loss, so tomorrow there are 2 games.

Meanwhile, Brian and I were at All-Star try-outs. Pretty intense, so we'll see how he does. Lots of good players, but he held his own. Worse case scenario...winter basketball.

Back at the home front, Matthew slept in and finished the last of his college applications.

And then, after my mid-day snooze (my surgery was 4 weeks ago...what's up with the nap thing?) Holly called and off we were to Disneyland.

What a blast. Cocktails at the Disneyland Hotel. I, of course, had my camera and after 3 pictures the battery died. My boys were relieved...they're done with this whole picture taking thing.

Holly and silly!

M and Billy.

Perfect Emily...can I come live with you? =0)

It's always fun to sit and tell our kids the crazy things we did in college. They roll their eyes and act bored as we keep telling the same stories over and over.

And over.

And for the record, my version of the teacup story is the true version. Billy is WRONG. At least that's how I remember it...


After cocktails, they were heading back to the park for dinner. Only half our family has passes right now and the other half aren't renewing their passes till January, so we said goodbye until Christmas.

And off we went to Nick's.

We walked in to a packed restaurant, but immediately Hector got us a table, much to the dismay of other people who had been waiting.

We're special.

One antipasto salad, one large pizza and one order of mussels later, plus a bottle of wine for the big kids and soda's for the younger crowd and we were done. Hector came and sat with us for awhile and we were able to catch up and learn even more about him.

It was the perfect day.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday. All my boys, plus great friends...all together.


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