Friday, November 9, 2007

Answer to Prayer

BooBear had a horrible cough last night, so I decided to keep him home with me today. We watched Happy Feet and Zoom and had a 'nicpic' in the family room. (A nicpic is a backwards picnic...eaten inside. Yes, we are strange.)

I have been working on a project for M and while doing some research, I found out that the local community college has an auto technician certificate program. I called and they will fix Matthew's car for the price of the part plus a few pizzas and sodas.

Ummm...that would be a savings of like $1400.00.

The part is cheap, it's the 7-8 hours of labor that's killing us.

As I was talking to this guy, Bryan with a 'y' on the phone, I mentioned that my husband is a teacher and blah, blah, blah. Teacher? We'll change your oil, too. Just throw in some brownies.

I honestly think I am in love.

So, I called M and gave him the 411 and he said go for it. Worse case scenario? Well, I think we are part of the worst case scenario. It's parked, undriveable, outside our house.

And Brian with an 'I'? He's feeling much better. Sometimes I think a day with mom is the best medicine. Tonight he'll stay here with Alex while M and I head on campus to see Godspell. It's always fun to see the students we need a night out! I might even talk him into a peppermint mocha beforehand! =0)

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  1. Make them hash brownies and they will love you forever!



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