Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Perfect Sandwich

Turkeygravycranberrystuffing...on oatmeal bread.

The absolute most perfect Sunday after Thanksgiving lunch!

It's best if served alongside some movie you've TiVo'd that starts with 'The Christmas...'

As in The Christmas Box. Or The Christmas List. Or The Christmas Wish.

We've got them all, so take your pick. I'm sure there's a few others on there also...the sappier, the better!


The hot, dry Santa Ana's blew through yesterday and wreaked havoc on our part of the world. Leaves and bark and chunks of trees are everywhere, but not one little red bow came undone from our house.

We escaped to the movies yesterday...Brian and I went to see Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (charming!!) and the others to Beowulf (not!).

Michael also scored the hot ticket item on one of the boys lists and had to run out and pick that up, then home for supper...enchiladas.

And today is a cool, chilly day. We had no Sunday school/Confirmation today, so we took a slow easy morning involving chocolate chip pancakes and then went to late church. Drove home and ate the above mentioned sandwiches, and one very content dad is asleep on the couch. Alex and Matthew are out in the neighborhood with one group of friends and Brian and his group are on the go-cart. I woke up with a neck that only moves one way and have already decided that I would rather look the other I'll be at the chiropractor tomorrow morning.

Other than that, the dishwasher is running and so are the washer and dryer. The house definitely needs a cleaning, but it's just not worth trying to do with so many bodies in it, so it too will happen tomorrow. I am thinking supper will be an easy one...risotto with roasted asparagus, though I'm not sure I'm up for the 'where's the meat?' debate, so I may have to roast some Italian sausage on the side. I'm feeling tooooo lazy to think about it right now....

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  1. WE had chocolate chip pancakes today also- we must be TWINS!!


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